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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-4 - priced to sell

Will Ship To: CONUS

These are priced to sell, I don't like to drag out listings.  I bought them from a fellow head-fi member last month but I replaced the ear pads with the new leather ones used on the HE500's and I also purchased a new travel case which was an additional 50 dollars.  I will ship using UPS ground and it is included in the price.  New retail price of everything is 500 dollars.


I love the sound of these orthodynamic headphones and this is a very reasonable price to experience such detailed sound.  The build quality is amazing as well as the comfort.  The headphone are in excellent condition.


I will put up pictures later tonight when I get home and I only accept paypal.


FYI- if you are new to HIFIMAN, these phones do need an AMP.  If you are interested I can sell you a 1 month old HIFIMAN EF2A with the original tubes as well as warmer sounding ones I bought from ebay.