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Which Android Music player do you use?

Poll Results: Best MP on Android

  • 23% (32)
  • 40% (55)
  • 2% (4)
  • 5% (8)
  • 0% (1)
  • 5% (7)
  • 0% (1)
  • 6% (9)
    Samsung MP
  • 13% (19)
136 Total Votes  
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I use Neutron MP. Good Sound, Crappy UI. Which one do you use?

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I used the standard player most of the time on my phone and tablet, most convenient no-nonsense player, though it gives me problems lately on the tablet, so I'm trying out poweramp at the moment.

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I use Neutron too - sure, the interface needs some time to get used to but the SQ is amazing, functionality is good too.

Had been happy with Poweramp until I tried Neutron.

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I use PowerAmp on my Samsung Infuse. Clarity is good but the sound is a bit warm.

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Winamp Pro - works just fine on my G2. Pretty good GUI, sound quality is fine. But I don't use this as my primary mobile audio source, so I can't really speak to it for more than casual use. 

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Bit of an old thread, sorry if that upsets anyone. I use PowerAmp. It can be tweaked a lot to drive down some of that warmth on the Infuse, viveksaikia22. Try turning off eq, tone, and limit, turning down bass and treble, and using Voodoo Sound for oversampling and DAC direct (don't turn on the bass). If you like a clean sound, this works well.
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I use Winamp Pro on my phone & tablet & Tune-In Pro for streaming internet radio.

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Using Neutron and quite pleased with it, serious sound quality.

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I don't know if this counts, but I pretty much use Slacker exclusively (not many other options for a Canadian). The nice thing though is that I was able to get 6gb of data for almost nothing, thanks to a recent retention deal. AND, my truck is Bluetooth equipped. So I have the thing mounted on my dash, with a car charger, and have access to basically unlimited streaming audio, it's really really cool. In terms of my own collection, I just have it stored on 64GB USB drive that I have plugged into my deck. I don't even keep music on my phone, I think I have 1 song on there that I used for testing (Foo Fighters, FYI).

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Apollo (different from the one that comes with CyanogenMod) and n7player are two favourites of mine. They both manage to be aesthetically pleasing and usable, and don't make mistakes with my tags.

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I've been using Gone Mad Music Player for the last couple of months. It has a nice interface, but I find the preferences menu to be a little confusing (headphone settings are under 'general'?). I had been using PowerAmp. The reason for the switch is that GMMP has a very useful bookmarking function. I listen to a (downloaded) 3 hour radio show every week and I was getting tired of PowerAmp losing my place if I decided to listen to something else for a bit. Sound-wise I'd say GMMP is comparable to PowerAmp.

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I switched to Samsung Galaxy S3 and I am using Neutron player coupled with Noozxoide processor. Very good sound apart from the hiss which is evident on the audio technica ath ck10.
The UI of Neutron is ultra crappy though.
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Winamp wants $9 for what poweramp does better for $5 less.

Neutron sounds "off" to me without eq.

Gonemads hi is maddening just like neutron.

Poweramp is a thrill to use and sounds fine out of a Galaxy S3 and some A900X's. Getting album art is a snap too.
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I wish PowerAMP would have a switch, in options, for USB audio out..

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