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For Sale: Monster Turbine Pro Copper - Page 2

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Oh wow. I didn't think anyone would be waiting on me to post the invoice this long. I'm posting it now
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Originally Posted by Xinze View Post

I'm sure lots of people are VERY interested at this price point. Can you open them up and take quite a few high-res pictures of the earphones and the given accessories, along with your namepiece? As good of a deal as it is, people do have reason to suspect from a 0 feedback and low post counter.

EDIT: At this price point, opening the box and taking a few pictures would only shorten the time it would take for it to sell, especially if you leave the monster hearing damage caution tag on the cable.

These are used (they are already opened). The first pics were from before I opened them. I might post pics, my camera broke so I would probably just use an old camera phone. Offer to beat is $100
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Close-up pics of the phones and accessories please, it's all I need to confirm that these are 100%.

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Are these fake or not? I'm confused...

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Originally Posted by imzemo View Post

Are these fake or not? I'm confused...


The invoice says it's from Futureshop an authorized Monster dealer

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so where is the pic of the invoice? I'll take them with a tagged pic of the phones with the invoice :)



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