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For Sale: Monster Turbine Pro Copper

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For Sale:
Monster Turbine Pro Copper

Will Ship To: Canada/US

Used Turbine Pro Coppers(only for less than a month). I wanted something I could comfortably wear for 10-11 hours at a time. Asking for $90, comes with lifetime guarantee. From what I can remember even if it's your fault they'll replace it. have packing slip available on request (functions like receipt)I was able to get the invoice

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How would you even know that they are not comfortable to wear for you if you haven't even tried them?

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After doing research when I had already bought them I found that IEMs in general wouldn't be comfortable given how long I spend on the computer.

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Remember, everyones opinion are different.. Everyone is different. What some may find comfortable others may not. You simply cannot judge it based on research... Many find some headphones bad where others think their great, its all subjective. 
In my opinion, you don't know if you don't try.

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is that from future shop 99CAD sale?

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Do you have the original receipt? I would buy if you had that + some proof that they're real, because 18 posts and 0 feedback is really sketchy, especially for a commonly faked item.

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I have the packing slip if anyone is wondering if they are fake.
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Post a scan of the invoice to show where they were purchased
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The warranty is only good with a real receipt (not a packing slip) from an authorized Monster Cable dealer as listed on the Monster website and ONLY with a receipt from an authorized Monster Cable dealer.

A number of dumb people have bought fakes on the head-fi FS forum.

The copper has a high degree of failure and many fakes, so this is a bit of a risk.
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The man above speaks truth (I owned the Monster Turbine Pro Golds). Unless you have a copy of the original invoice/receipt, Monster will not honor any warranty claims, and these things have a penchant for failing in the 1 - 3 year range. Shouldn't have given my MTPG's away...cause now I'm hunting for Coppers...

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sorry my mistake. I do have the invoice.
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I'm sure lots of people are VERY interested at this price point. Can you open them up and take quite a few high-res pictures of the earphones and the given accessories, along with your namepiece? As good of a deal as it is, people do have reason to suspect from a 0 feedback and low post counter.


EDIT: At this price point, opening the box and taking a few pictures would only shorten the time it would take for it to sell, especially if you leave the monster hearing damage caution tag on the cable.

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Originally Posted by sobbapp View Post

sorry my mistake. I do have the invoice.


Post a pic then.  It's only been a few months that we've been asking.

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