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IEM guy want's a $400 taste of big cans

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So before I take the plunge to custom IEM, I'll like to try some big cans before, I really like my IEM as i need the isolation and portability i won't replace them for that same reason, but I'll like to get my ears some big can treat.

I've been researching for days now and I don't find the right one still, i wont compromise size or form over sound quality, this are for home use so can be as ugly and big as they can be:D

Source is a laptop with a mis. flac collection, using a ibasso D7 or D6 as DAC/AMP, so this cans need to be driven by those amps to a acceptable degree.
basic sound signature preference is for base head songs and portable solution I use Mosnter beats pro gold (bass monsters, casual licensing), for instrumental, classical and everything else the Shure SE535 has been my main music relief, I do love the sound and spaciousness, although not very extended on the highs, a little jreiver EQ solves some of the prob.

So far the the AKG 702 are top of the list but I see there's allot more options , wha't stoping me is the sound signature, for the akg's the uncolored neutral sound can be to much or coming from the 535s the 702 wont be a nasty change?. So if you kind folks can orient me on a excellent sounding pair for that price, I'll greatly appreciate.
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I'd point you towards:


Sennheiser HD600

AKG Q701

Denon D5000

Ultrasone HFI 2400

Hifiman HE-400

Beyer DT880

Fischer Audio FA-002

Grado SR60i ~ 325i


Very best,


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Thanks, now let me research witch is the one for me.
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Coming from IEMS, I'd recommend HD650s... they would provide you close clarity to what you currently experience with the IEMs. 

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That said, if you're trying to go an entirely separate route, go for Denons... AH-D5000s. 

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