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I recently purchased some AD900's, but there's a problem that has constantly been bugging me;


I was playing Borderlands when I noticed that anything directly in front of me or directly behind me would not produce audio. The same thing happens in Metro 2033 as well. I thought this made sense because they aren't really gaming headphones, but I was wondering if you guys know how to fix that, if at all possible. I believe I am losing my center and rear audio channels


I have a Logitech X-540 setup, and I plug my headphones into that little volume control knob. My case is a Cooler Master Sniper, if that matters. I had a friend wire it up for me, and the headphone jack on the case isn't connected correctly, and I don't know how to fix it, so I can't use that. The MOBO is an ASUS P8Z68-V Pro board using Realtek ALC892.


So do I have to change the settings somewhere or do I have to continue using my G930's for gaming?



Edit #1:



All of the settings in the audio manager were off except for "immediate mode," which is what I think should be. It's in the Realtek HD audio settings. I'd assume that it lets the audio bypass Windows settings and use the "pure" audio.


I just tried it on Metro both with and without the headphones. The speakers seem to be doing the same thing too (losing center and rear speakers), yet the 5.1 sound test under manage audio devices works just fine. Maybe it's a soundcard issue on the mobo?



Edit #2:



When I had tested it previously, I used the device manager test to see which speakers were working. Only the two front speakers were working.


I turned off the matrix button which I previously had on. It's located on the Logitech volume control pad. Suddenly, all six speakers were making sounds in the test. To clarify, the matrix button, exclusive to the X-540 control panel, is meant to make 2.1 sound like 5.1. If you're listening to 2.1 audio, it plays the left front through the left back, and same with the right. The center is a mix of both.


Without the matrix button on during normal tasks, however, I cannot hear anything from the rear and center speakers. I have 5.1 settings enabled when using my speakers. I'll assume that these processes (Youtube) aren't utilizing the 5.1 audio.


I also upgraded my Realtek drivers to a much newer version, although I'm not sure if this changed anything.



Edit #3:



So tl:dr, I have 5.1 settings enabled with my headphones connected to the Logitech volume control pad. The speakers only produce 5.1 audio in the test when the matrix button is turned off, but I have not tested this in game. The headphones, no matter what, only give me the front speakers when using 5.1 or 7.1 settings. Are these headphones only meant to be played in stereo mode, or should they be directly connected to the computer (the part that I cannot test until this weekend when I have time).


Also, if I am required to use stereo settings, will buying a sound card such as the ASUS Essence allow me to play with 7.1 settings? Or should I pick a different card such as the Omega, or go an entirely different route and get a DAC AMP? I want my setup to be 80% gaming, 20% music.


Sorry for the choppiness of the OP. I took it from a bunch of other posts that I made on another form, but they couldn't solve my problem. I'll gladly retype anything or clarify what exactly I did.


This thread is about testing my speakers and my headphones.



Edit #4:



Speakers - 5.1 settings - Matrix off - WORK

Headphones - 2.1 settings - WORK

Headphones - 5.1 settings - DON'T WORK


*Quick note, the volume knob, power button, and matrix button on the Logitech pad are disabled whenever I plug in my headphones, so it's definitely a settings issue. It can't be a bad plug because the speakers work fine now.

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