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For Sale: Audeze LCD-2 revision 1

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2 revision 1

Will Ship To: CONUS

I want to be totally honest with this sale: I was disappointed when I first got these because they're not in perfect cosmetic condition. When I bought them I was pretty fresh and I didn't ask for pictures or any details. I didn't get any accessories besides the wooden box - which came with the red lining ripped out... The grills don't have the A on them like other LCD-2's, so I'm assuming these are from a really early run. Also the grill on the left side is slightly dented - I definitely didn't do this and I don't really want to know what happened, I'd rather not think about it. The pads look just a little asymmetrical as well. The wood looks very good, I like the red color. The seller I bought these from made me a cable for them, which is wrapped in nylon, I'll include pics of that as well. It's terminated in a 1/4in plug and it's around 8 feet long. Headband is metal and foam.


Pictures! On the picture of the Left cup, I circled the dent - it's actually very small and I didn't notice until I touched it while they were on my head.

On the other picture with the red circles what I'm pointing out is that a little paint must have been chipped off. The one picture where the wood looks wayyy different was taken using my camera flash, to my eyes the wood color is pretty close to what the other pics show.


All that said, I've listened to a couple other pairs of LCD-2's including a rev.2, and I think that these sound fantastic, just as good as the others. Once I got the headphones I babied them, and I'm in a kid-, pet-, and smoke-free home. The earpads feel fine on my head, I've never noticed a difference between the sides. If you're looking for great sound, and aren't terribly disturbed by less-than-perfect cosmetics, send me a message. I prefer to ship CONUS, but I'm willing to ship elsewhere if you want.


Please don't make me any offers, I want to sell these but I paid dearly for them and I would rather keep them than sell them at an even bigger loss than I already am.

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+1 for being a upfront and honest seller.  These are priced very well too so even with the cosmetic issues, they should go pretty fast.

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Where were you two weeks ago, I just ordered HE500s. I'd love to compare the two, but dont have the scatch. You are very upfront and honest, these should sell fast. Good luck to you.

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Thanks for the positive comments guys, I really appreciate it. These headphones are now SOLD!
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