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Turning DT-990 Pro into (gaming) headset

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Hello everyone !


first off - I am not sure on where to post this (was thinking about DIY,Headphones,...) so I hope I'm correct posting it here :)


I was thinking about buying this microphone http://www.thomann.de/gb/the_tbone_cc75.htm and putting it on my Beyerdynamics.


What I am unsure about is the following:


1. Does a wind-instrument mic sound decent for speach?

2. Can I run it off of the normal computer mic jack (with an adapter ofc)?


If it is an over all bad idea then can you please suggest a different mic solution?


(I've seen those kinds of mods and like them - but I find that just buying that mic above would make things easier :P

http://www.head-fi.org/t/312405/dt770-mic-mod-3rd-times-the-charm-now-w-links-to-do-it-for-less-than-10-can-work-for-other-headphones )


I really appreciate your help!


(oh and btw - I'd like to not permanantly change m headphones)



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I don't know if that mic would or would not work, but if you are looking for a mic to go with good headphones for gaming may I suggest the AntLion ModMic.  I got their name from Head-fi when I was looking to do the same thing.  The thing has worked since I opened the box and their customer support has been great.  BTW I had to contact customer support to get a couple of extra stick on magnets not because anything was wrong.  I know you can get them direct from AntLion and I think amazon sells them as well.  I would link but I don't know the rules about outside linking since I am kinda new.

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Wow :) that looks just like what I was looking for!


Can't find it anywhere in Europe tho and amazon US doesn't deliver to where I live (just tried to order one :( ).


Is there a european alternative or a way to get somehow get it in Europe in general?


Thank you for your help archer276 :)

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I use the Zalman ZM Mic for gaming with my headsets. Its a really nice mic and everyone hears me loud and clear. Just clips on to your headset wire.

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Thank you for your help, kRze!


I've seen it an amazon and thought about buying that Zalman mic.

I was now able to purchase the AntLion microphone though.


I can't wait until it gets here :)


And again; Thank you for your help guys :)

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Just in case anyone stumbles upon this thread when in similar position as I was:


The ModMic is amazing! It's very easy to install and has great sound quality - at least in comparison to the casual headset mics and webcam mics I've heard.

Also the support from Antlion was great. Quick replies to all emails and Jimmy even signed the packagin with "Danke" !


So overall I think that the ModMic was the best choice I could have made. (note: the price did not include the taxes of 5,40 Euros for Germany)


Edit: Thanks to the great people in this forum for the help!

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Glad it worked out for you.  I am still enjoying mine.  They do have great customer service, glad to see another audio company providing great customer service.

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I was wondering what would be the best for my dt 990 pros as well but I need an xlr mic as I will be going into a mixing desk.


I think the Antlion mod mic is designed for gaming/motherboard sound card recording inputs.


I need a balanced/xlr mono input.


P.S. this looks a winner.


Headset with a high gain xlr mic.


audio technica BPHS1




Anyone know of others?

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