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if you're an rs1 fan, the rs2 is an interesting, and not necessarily inferior, variant grado flavor. it'll give a great, gutsy, rendition of the blues! the alessandro ms-pro is a more neutral variant of an rs-1, and is an excellent choice too. if what grabs you about the rs1 is it's sheer toe tapping quality with popular music the hf1 mod done by headphile, the hhf-1, is not only a beautiful phone, but a highly pleasurable one too.



The RS2 is not as clear and defined as an RS1 but lots of fun to listen to, it is a great value for money headphone in the Grado line-up IMO.


For a different feel headphone I'd suggest one of the discontinued Denons - the D7000 will be sort of similar to RS1 while D5000 will sound more like the HF2.

The comfort with the Denons will be 10x better than the Grados, however the closed can nature might take a bit of getting used to.


I used to be a Grado aficionado myself and was won over by the Denons if that is anything to go by.

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the D7000 will be sort of similar to RS1 while D5000 will sound more like the HF2.


Not to my ears but to each his own. wink.gif

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I went and audition the Grados SR80i, 125i, 225i and 325i. I thnk it is better to go back and listen to it for the second time around. This time I was more paying attention on the bass side. Mids and High are pretty good for all. Bass on the PS500 is the best so far, but for these 4 Grados I sampled, I find the RS225i to have the most bass sound, but still lacks the bass energy that engages you to the music.

Now If I can afford the PS500, there is no doubt about it, I will get it in a heart beat.
So right now , I am just waiting to try an M-100 Vmoda if becomes available to the masses.
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Double post
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Even if re-cabling doesn't change the sound, I think it's not a terrible thing to do if you have the extra parts/cash to do so because the stock cable sucks. I mean it works just fine, but it's so thick and heavy and unwieldy...just replacing with something nicer in that respect would be worth it...IMO

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