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Sennheiser HD25-1 ii

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Hey guys, my first thread here and I wanted to say thanks to all of you more experienced head-fi members.  Thanks to all the reviews and insight given from you guys I was able to pull the trigger on these. I just picked these up from Guitar Center! They are fantastic! Definitely a different sound from my ATH-M50's and easier to bring on the train and bus. I listen to rock and classical mainly and these open up way more than the M50' I'll be putting them up for sale soon. I'm new to higher end cans and I'm hoping these last me a good long time.


Again, thanks for all the great reviews!


Steve from NYC

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Congrats and great choice! Even though the soundstage is a bit narrow, I love them for portable use. Perfect amount of isolation and great detail in a nice, low-profile (and what I consider stylish) can for a subway/bus commute in NYC. Enjoy!

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Originally Posted by icefalkon View Post

I'm hoping these last me a good long time.


That they will, the HD 25-1 II are built like tanks and almost every part is user-replaceable. A possible upgrade you can look into is the HD 650 cable to further smooth out the sound.

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I would advise against investing into replacement cable in pursuit of audial improvement, but the ability to swap parts for maintenance is great and what every other manufacturer should practice. The cables very unlikely have a real difference, whereas your DAC, amplifier and headphones do.

Congrats on your purchase, I personally found the HD 25-II to isolate very little, maybe they just don't fit around my earlobe or something. I would love a better listen in a noise free environment though, it was very brief.
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Thanks guys! i used them on the train today and all I can say is "wow"...they isolated enough to keep the sounds of a packed train out so much that when the conductor made an announcement...the only way I realized it was by the looks on other peoples faces. LOL that made me pull a cup off my ear.


I was going to ask if the cable would make that much of a difference? I have a FiiO E6 on my iPod Touch now and am waiting on an E17 from long should I be "burning in" the Senns? Is 2 days of constant low playing/various genre's enough?




Steve from NYC

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