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For Sale: FS: JVC FXT90 - $85

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: JVC FXT90 - $85

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Reluctantly selling my beloved FXT90s, to soften the hit my wallet recently took, after forking out for customs.


Asking for $85 / £55 / 65 Euros + Shipping + Paypal fee. Shipping will be insured with tracking.


Anyone who has frequented the FXT90 forum - or indeed any other mid-tier universal forum - will know that these are my favorite universal. In the past I have kept them over my DBA-02s, my EPH-100s and even my FX-700s. 


They're in good condition and show no noticeable signs of wear, apart from one small mark on the cable which was present out of the box. This mark is too indistinct to show up in a picture. Original box, documents, carrying case and stock tips all included. May throw in a pair of after-market tips at the buyers request.    

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Oh so tempting but have sag-1s on their way, what did you prefer?

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Although I definitely prefer the sig of the FXT90s, the ASG-1s are far superior in a technical sense. I probably like both equally, but am holding onto the ASG-1s due to prospects of the filter, and driver upgrade.


Coming from the ASG-1, the FXT90 sounds quite thin, and small, two words that I'd never usually associate with it. They don't even come close to the ASG-1 in terms of bass response, mid-detail, separation, imaging and soundstage. I do prefer the JVCs mids and treble though, despite them being less detailed. I also prefer the JVCs overall sense of balance and cohesion.


I've said it countless times in the past and I say it still, the FXT90 is remarkably good phone that punches well above it's weight. Even now, I can't find any real weaknesses, hence me hanging onto it for longer than any other IEM. If my GR07s hadn't have been stolen, I'd have been selling them instead.

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....Payment pending....

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Okay yeh from what you send i think i am going to prefer the aurisonics to them as a companion to my dba-02. They sound great but not what i am looking for at the moment (and lack of money even with the great price) :( thanks for getting pack to me and good luck with the sale.

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Good choice - I think the ASG-1 would compliment the DBA-02 much better than the FXT90.


Thanks, and I hope the ASG-1s meet your expectations (I know they did mine).

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Just wondering if these were sold, or are still available?

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Sorry just saw the "Classified Closed" at the top.

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