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For Sale: Shure 940 -Sold

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For Sale:
Shure 940 -Sold

Will Ship To: Continental US

Hi all,


After picking up a Beyerdynamic MMX 300 for my computer I've come to the conclusion I might be a basshead in disguise.  As much as I absolutely love what the Shure 940 does for female vocals, I need to sell it off and hunt for something different.  Price on this includes shipping in the continental US and paypal fees, and I would be glad to ship it elsewhere with the buyer paying the shipping cost.


This was picked up from another head fier a couple of months back and is in perfect condition.  All cables, case, adapters, and everything are included.


Thanks for looking


I'd also happily trade and add cash towards a Denon D5000 or Fostex HP-P1, or will trade for an AT ESW9.


Shures have been sold, thanks for looking all.

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Very tempted.


Have you tried them amped properly? Is the bass still deficient? I have heard the opposite is the case if you have a good quality source/amp and that the bass is clear and deep.

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That may be some of the problem.  At the moment I'm running unamped, though I plan on fixing that eventually.

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