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Need to sell !!!!

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Hi, I am trying to sell my dad's estate.  He was quite a collector of electronics. He has over 30 turntables and over 50 recievers and reel to reels plus hundreds of reel to reel tapes. Lots of other electronics equipment such as cables, etc.  If anyone knows where I can sell these. Please let me know.  I would appreciate it soooo much.  Thanks

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eBay may be your best bet or Audiogon. Both have quite a bit of reach when it comes to Hi-Fi equipment... I think eBay may be best if you don't know the condition of the item and want to offer it as-is...


With that said, what do you have for turn tables? I have been quietly looking!


Good Luck!

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  Thanks for the input.  I have 40 turntables. Anything from Pioneers, sansui, sony, technics, yamaha, kenwood..etc

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Do not know where you are, but these guys in Sydney might help.

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Also suggest doing research on what you can realistically fetch them for.  Depending on the make/model, it can fetch a very pretty penny.

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Thanks for the reply.  I am in Santa Cruz, Ca.

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before you sell any equipment clean it thoroughly (including leads, RCA connects etc), when you photograph it use a white cloth to place your different items on, lastly detail any marks or scratches on any of the units..... you will also have to think about delivery & packaging, original -packaging is best and you will find that items sell better with it (if you haven't got it tell people how it will be package & sent).... eBay is your best bet for hi-fi equipment.

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Thanks that was very helpful information.  Appreciate it.

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