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I asumme the final match is being played now e.e LINK IT PLZ

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It's tomorrow. You can check the time and view the stream directly from the LoL home page.

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The championship will be on soon. Right now they're doing an All-Star game of sorts.







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ooh nice nice, the more I watch the more I wonder if I should be playing LoL instead of romaing the forums here xD

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Nidalee and Singed OP.

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Singed is hilarious and fun.  He can be OP if your opps are bots or dense.  Don't get me wrong, well played he's still good, but he really shines when the ops underestimate or don't understand him.

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Chasing Singed all around the map. Occasional funny moments like that does happen.
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I love when noobs chase singed it is just too fun, or when people underestimate the damage output a champ like teemo can have :D

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Didn't know that there is a thread dedicated to LoL although it seems that it's not really popular here. :D

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I love LUX's beam of death once you have deathcap and voidstaff. 

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She's like hiiiyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

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I don't own teemo.  I think there are usually better picks than him, for AD or whatnot.


That said, I think teemo is the most fun champ in the game, and I consider buying him all the time.


Another guy I want to buy for the fun factor is Mordekaiser.  His ult makes me giggle every time I pull it off.

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Mundo. That is all.

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Viktor and Olaf are my main squeezes 

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Didn't realize we had an LOL following here at Head-fi, awesome.  Game name  is Cixx if any of you want to roll .

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