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For Sale:
DT770-80 / MS1000 Modded

Will Ship To: Anywhere

MS1000 --- SOLD

I would like to off load a few headphones, first i have some modded MS1's to MS1000

And i would like to get around $50 for those, they sound great still, i dont know how

many hours have been put on them but sound just fine.


DT770-80 -- SOLD

Next up will be some DT770-80's they are in need of repair, the left side kept going

in and out, so i cut off the jack to re-terminate it, but never got around to it. So if you

want them you are going to have to re-terminate them. However when both ears had

sound coming through them, they sounded great! would like $80 for these.


Thanks for looking!



EDIT -- Sorry folks, i dont know why i posted 'MSPro' My appologies i have fixed this.

I Meant - MS1 to MS1000 sorry for the confusion!

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