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I have the following setup for recording vinyl to digital:



Pioneer PL-200 with Denon DL-110 cartridge
Musical Surroundings Phonomena II loaded at 475 Ohms
T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 powered by unplugged MacBook Pro
The Pioneer is a vintage hand-me-down that served as my starting point. For a while, this setup was doing fine. More recently, I started noticing a combination of dullness and listening fatigue from the left channel. Regardless of what I've done (clean stylus wit Magic Eraser, adjust gain on left channel, run Automatic Phase Correction on recorded 24/192 audio in Adobe Audition), I cannot make the channels match properly anymore.
I've tried swapping the cables going into the amp, coming out of the amp, and going into the Konnekt 6, but no matter what, audio from the input seems dull and noisy on the left channel. I've noticed that if I crank the volume to be max with no music playing, there's substantially more hiss coming from the left channel. This all leads me to believe that something has gone wrong with the ADC portion of the Konnekt 6 (it's just fine when used as a DAC). I don't know if the ADC is just flawed, or if something from the input of my phono stage somehow started frying the left channel or what. Ultimately, I no longer enjoy my recordings. It's very frustrating.
I intend to hook the Phonomena up to another amp to see if I hear a disproportionate amount of noise in the left channel with that. Beyond that, does anyone have any other suggestions? Should I ditch the Pioneer and get a new turntable, and if so, what else would be a good pairing with Denon carts that doesn't cost a mint? Should I ditch Denon as well (the DL-110 is still under 100 hours of play time, though, and my eventual cartridge upgrade goal was going to be a DL-103) and switch to an entirely different setup? Thoughts?