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Official mods discussions!

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Talk all about the modding scene on any game but not the vanilla game itself.

General rules on this thread:
  • Talk about the mods only not the vanilla game! If you wanted to make comparison against the modded version, you are more than welcomed but leave discussion about the vanilla game to their respective threads.
  • Showing respect for different opinions is a must with a topic as diverse as the modding scene.
  • Do try to link to their Moddb page or their official site other than any third party sites.
  • Enjoy your new discoveries and find new friends to play with!
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Let’s start off with my favourite mod.

MechWarrior Living Legends – Crysis Warhead mod

This mod pushes the boundary of what a non-profiting modding team can achieve and utilised the game engine to the limited and beyond in a way it was never designed for in the first place.
The mod have been in development even since from 2007, being earning top spots ever since from 2007 and winning mod of the year in 2009 and honourable mention again. MOTY only allows you to win once.

Awards don’t make a good game, but I have the pleasure of experiencing non-stop improvement ever since I started in 2009. It is MechWarrior and one step ahead or any predecessor and anything in development being the only game with a combine arms gameplay and not mech only. Yes, you can fly large ground attack aircraft or even walk out in powered armour with jets!

Highly recommended for mech fans to someone seeking Battlefield like gameplay with depth. Note that it has a rather high learning curve and skill ceiling, a good PC is also a must as it is more demanding than vanilla Crysis by a large margin.

Moddb - http://www.moddb.com/mods/mechwarrior-living-legends
Official site - http://www.mechlivinglegends.net/
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