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**New comfort King**

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Picked up a pair of Beyers about a week ago dt770 250's. I have not owned or auditioned any of the Beyer series before. I liked the reviews that I read and the description of the sound signature. 


The sound signature proved to be exactly as I read in the reviews and I have enjoyed them and they will be a keeper for sure. What I didn't count on was how comfortable they would be for short term and long term listening sessions. They are simply superb in this category. I was resolved to accept that the Seinn hd598 were the most comfortable that I had ever worn. But now there is a new King!  Don't know how Beyer did it. But I really just forget that these are on my head. Unbelievable...


I have learned that comfort is very important to me. Even if a pair of cans is slightly superior in sound quality, I tend to give more head time to the comfortable ones.


Feel free to share your own comfort King if you want.




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The DT770/880/990's from Beyer are indeed very comfy on the head and ears. They sound too v-shaped to my ears though, so it's still the DT150's for me even though they're not winners in the comfort department.

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Far from new :P. I've always wanted to try some Beyer's for their comfort, but based on reviews I don't think the SQ would fit me at all.

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I found that the sound signature fits me nicely. The have a lot of energy and are very musical (yea, I know that sound cliche). Not overly bright and good bass, never loose or muddy. I really like the build quality also. 

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The comfort of the DT 770 Pro is difficult to beat.  For sound, the DT 880 Pro is better, but for comfort the larger cups on the 770 are superior.

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The main problem with the 880 is that the ear pads are softer, and are flattened by the clamping force when worn, so the drivers are touching (and possibly even clamping) the ears. The harder pads on the 770 are thus ironically better for comfort. Also, only the 880 has an extra layer of felt covering the drivers (to attenuate the treble), this leaves even less room for the ears.


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Just wait until you try out the HD-800 atsmile.gif.  No one will ever be able to pry them out of your hands if comfort is your main concern. The beyers do look really comfortable though.  Always wanted to try a pair out with the gel pads!

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Audio Technica AD series is the most comfortable headphones ever, K1000 isn't bad either. Most uncomfortable headphones I have tried is the HD280Pro, but LCD2 isn't that far off.
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I would interested in the gel pad for the 770's. Can anyone chime in the fit/comfort of the dt990?

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The Audio-Technica AD's definitely are very comfortable - but I find myself wearing the Denon D1001 90% of the time because of its fun sound signature, and earcups that don't touch my ear at all. =)

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Most comfortable in my opinion are Beyerdynamics. I've tried the T1, it does feel a little heavy for me but the lower models are lighter so they are perfect. AKG K701 is good as well, though to bad they had to do that abomination of a headband.

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I've always found the AD series comfort overrated IMO. I had the AD700's so idk about the others but the drivers always touched my ears and they were so loose that they would easily slide off if you tilt your head. Just my experience though :P. Of all of the headphones I've owned, I found the HD650's most comfortable, although the clamp was a bit much they were still most comfortable. With a tad less clamp they'd be perfect for me :D.

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Does anyone have the gelpads? Just wondered about comfort and any change in the sound signature on the Beyer series.




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