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Question about cheap CD's from china

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Im seeing box sets of CD's for singers and bands on the internet that is about 70 to 90% off the regular price that you get in an American store.


For instance I found a box set of CCR which has every song they ever recorded for only 41 bucks?


So I have 2 questions.


1) is this counterfeit?

2) If it is counterfeit is the sound quality as good as the real thing?



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It's counterfeit.

I bought some counterfeit anime soundtracks and the quality was hit or miss. Overall most of them were great. Sounded perfect and most of the time the booklets were really good. Sometimes the booklets looked cheap but not awful and only 2 of the soundtracks I bought had problems with the audio.

I don't know about box sets though. The quality could be a lot worse if the boxset was compiled by them and not a copy of an American release. An example was I bought a 4 CD set and 2 of the last 3 tracks had errors on them. Turns out the original soundtrack was 5 CDs with those last 3 tracks supposed to be on a minidisc. The booklet was really nice though, it just seems they had an issue squeezing those last 3 tracks onto the 4th disc.
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It is definitely counterfeit.  When I was in China, I was astounded to find proper storefronts in major commercial areas, glass doors and glass shelving, everything alphabetized, extra staff to help you find what you want, a real cash register... yet everything they sold comprised of $1 CDs and DVDs.  The very idea of intellectual property over there simply doesn't exist.


The quality is a total crapshoot.  Sometimes its a direct copy, and the quality is fine.  Usually though, you'll get mp3 CDs or the like

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Basically.... what they said. hit or miss..very hit or miss. however legit chinese songs from their own artists that cost a good price are real and are recorded and ripped onto their well.

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