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Originally Posted by RexAeterna View Post

what? the 240 studio has butt load of bass. it's pretty warm sounding headphone. i do agree though with about the highs. they are too relaxed for my taste.

Yes I agree.  If it is given plenty of juice it does have quite pronounced bass though not too much for myself.  I was running the 240 out of an E7 for a while and the bass was much less present - not enough power I guess.  Also agree with the highs.  Not so good for rock but good for a nice relaxed listen at night.

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I like the K240 Studio very much. They're extremely comfortable both physically and in terms of sound signature.

It's true that the mid-bass is somewhat indistinct and they lack sub-bass, but the upper-bass and mids have such good presence that it doesn't bother me. The M50 is almost the opposite in that the bass intrudes considerably into the mids. There are plenty of technically better headphones than the K240, but I listen to it a lot more than my M50 or D2000. And it absolute terms, the K240 is still a competitive sounding headphone at its current $90 USD prices. I can't think of a headphone that's clearly better until you get into +$150 territory, and even then it will depend on your preferred sound signature.

The K240 is pretty easy to drive; the E10 should be fine.
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Originally Posted by PixelVandalism View Post

So I've been looking around, and I think I've decided on the AKG K240's

I'm going to have around $200, I will be able to go over this though.

They're going to be about $115.

With the left over $85 I am thinking of getting a FiiO E10? 


Would you recommend anything different to this for a first setup? 

I'd look at spending about $100 on an amp/DAC if it is better than the FiiO. 

To throw a spanner in the works you could try the MS1i.  $109 usd shipped free worldwide from the Alessandro website.  I reckon they are better than the K240 in many ways though if they are anything like the SR80i (i'm basing my opinion on these as they are meant to be very similar and have owned the SR80i) they are very forward and aggressive sounding.  Good for rock and the like.  Also lots of detail.

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I'm going to be getting these as soon as possible,

I can't order them now, as I'm going away,

and I won't be here to get them from the post office.


A lot of the reasoning behind getting these is comfort,

The MS1's don't look like they would be that comfortable to me..

One of my main problems with all the headphones I've used, is that they don't fit me 

I have a big head, and on-ear headphones are not comfortable. 


Any recommendations on an amp/dac? 

I can probably spend up to $150.

Does anyone have any experience with an amp that will make these headphones sound better? 

I know the E10 would probably be fine, 

although there seems to be better looking options, like the uDAC 2? 

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If someone thinks I shouldn't get the AKG K240's you have about 10 minutes to say why. 

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I enjoy their crisp sound.



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I got these today, they sound amazing compared to all my old cans and IEM's.

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Yes i would recommend these, they do have an awesome sound due to their clarity.


Out of my headphone collection i use the k240 mk2 over hd 555, hd 650, k701, q701, dt 880, dt 770, t50rp, m50, htf 600s, dt 48, he 4, hfi 580 and pro 900


Just because they sound amazing they're my primary headphones not the best no but they sound amazing and so far i have not been bored by them.

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