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There are times where one abandon certain type of sound to favor another. I am one good example, I used to like bright headphones in the 80s, as I age, I prefer a darker signature headhones like the HD650.. and suddenly as times pass, I favor a slightly airy sound signature more like the akg3003i with a slight tizz/sss. I know some user completely change the way they call dark/neutral after listening to certain headphones. What sound so good in the past sound veil now..


That is why I am still stuck here at Headfi cause I was never happy over my current headphone.. I will quite headfi once I gain sound enlightenment biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by iancraig10 View Post

The thing is though, if you get a headphone to work with a fairly 'flat' response, you can stop worrying about the 'genres' that it plays since a 'flattie' should work with all of them as long as the producers got the mix right in the first place.


I'm not always sure it's a good thing to use different headphones as a 'tone control' for different genres. Hip hop should work on a flat headphone just as well as orchestral really. After all, we can't change our ears for different concerts!!

Hallelujah brother.

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After time spent with my HD-650 (silver driver edition), I, too can vouch that there really isn't a veil to speak of.  The sound is nice, and well balanced.  To me, some of the modified Fostex headphones have had a somewhat veiled sound to them and a sound stage that is slightly more narrowed.  Also, if a person were used to the Grado house sound and switched to the HD-650 from Sennheiser, they might say there is a veil on the HD-650 because the "tizzy" sound of the Grado would skew their hearing to a degree.  The HD-650 is an audiophile headphone.  It does its work by presenting the music to you, the listener in a pleasurable way.


Sennheiser apparently tried hard to make the headphones to appeal to quite a few genres of music.  However, if someone is looking beyond "good" bass that the HD-650 provides and desires something super-punchy for hip-hop, I can see where the HD-650 might not appeal to them.  But, the HD-650, from a physical comfort sense, and an audible "comfort" sense really presents itself as a headphone that can be worn for several hours without fatigue from "tizzy" highs or discomfort issues due to the design other headphones may use.


One man's ''tizzy'' is another man's ''detailed'' wink.gif

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