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OK, total newby question: I have an 8-strand Fusion made by Peter. It's balanced with an ALO/RSA connection. 


I'm going to have him re-terminate it to a 1/4" to fit my new Chord Hugo (sooo recommended, BTW), which is singe-ended. 


Does that mean the cable itself will be SE now? Do 1/4" connectors come in balanced and SE configurations? Are they all SE? 



You should have Peter make you a balanced (ALO/RSA) to SE (1/4") adapter?  That way you can use it for both balanced and SE configurations.

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I'm currently using a silver Molecule Elite with my HD800, which I think is amazing. I'm thinking heavily of upgrading to a silver Complement4. Does anyone have experience with both? What improvements does the Complement make. I'm especially looking for increases in soundstage size and layered imaging, but of course more detail, transparency, and tonal extensions would be nice. Thanks!

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