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Guess I need to photograph packages before sending them.  It went to a freight forwarder and who knows what they did with it.  If it gets returned to sender I guess I'll know soon...

I have sent you mail after mail but there were instances when `I did not receive a reply for weeks. its not about the adapter its about the attitude towards a customer.

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Thanks to a review by a fellow head-fier Steven R. Rochlin on DHC cables , I placed an order to get my Westone ES5 recabled with DHC symbiote fusion v2 iem cable last week. Now the waiting begins but what I have heard is worth it.. This will replace black dragon cable which IMO is also very good..can't wait to test it out with my Sony zx2
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My 6-wire dhc fusion cable on se846 has sound occasionally cut-out on the left piece when I press to adjust, I think the eidolic MMCX connector may not be super fit. Wonder if anyone else have this minor problem.
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Please send it back and fix. The problem will bigger and bigger when using it for a longer time.
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does anyone hav the Molecule Extreme 18awg copper cable?  I want to know,how heavy it is and how isnt it too stiff? In my opinion that is most beautiful cable I ever saw in my life

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I might send it back to Peter at some point, just wondering if others experienced this issue as the eidolic MMCX connectors is not as snug fitting as the stock Shure MMCX.
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The male MMCX plug is rarely at fault as it has little variance compared to the female jack on the IEM itself. It may be worth cleaning the jack and plug, or have me look at it.
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I have no problem with mine...

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I have actually tried the dhc cable with my SE535 and the result is the same as the 846 where sound on left piece cuts out when I press to adjust. It is probably manufacturing variation on the eudolic MMCX.
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How can you distinguish a Symbiote Hybrid SPC cable from a Symbiote SP V2 pure silver cable (not talking about the sound) cause to me they both look the same. Thanks

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Just got my Complement 4 for LCDX hurrah! Will it benefit from burn in guys?
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sorry tardy reply. Yes but thats relative by "benefit". There is physics of conductivity, resistance, and current path that over time will open up with usage. granted the cable itself is the biggest mod from stock imo.

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