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Is the DHC website down?

Works fine here...until you enter the store. haha


WTF is Zen Cart? And installation?

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Originally Posted by paradoxper View Post

Works fine here...until you enter the store. haha


WTF is Zen Cart? And installation?


I'm getting this:


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Originally Posted by paradoxper View Post



Strange how we're seeing different things.

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Originally Posted by sridhar3 View Post


Strange how we're seeing different things.

Oh yea, and to think I almost installed "the zen crap" upon their request.

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I'm getting 404'd on the whole domain, hope Peter gets it worked out as he makes fantastic cables.

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Wonder why I'm "getting through"

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Wow, you guys sure are going at it trying to get on, didn't know you loved me.


I moved from Godaddy to Bluehost, since Godaddy has horrible MySQL server issues.  They've sucked for years.  Bluehost is working great now, everything should look and feel the same now, but faster.  See my facebook for the whole gruesome tale...the switch was not fun.  

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Glad it's all sorted out, carry on!


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Hey guys, can you give me opinions on the dhc macromolecule and clone? Has anyone here compared them. Also, what effect do each cables have on the HD800's.


I'm thinking about getting a black dragon v2 from all the positive feedback, but at the same time; I feel it's most popular because of word of mouth and hype. I definitely prefer the style of the double helix cables..


Your opinions are greatly appreciated! biggrin.gif



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I'm really interested in picking up a DHC Symbiote cable for my ER4B, but I wanted to check in and get some feedback on the microphonics of these cables. The one thing that kills me about the current stock cable on my Etys is the lack of over-ear wearability, and the microphonics. Are these cables pretty soft and pliable or will they be really stiff?


Also, are there any head-fi discounts you might offer before I make a purchase :)?

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For the Sennheiser 800 I can enthusiastically say get the copper clone or if you have a big budget the silver clone. I have had both and both are a big upgrade.

David pritchard

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I just recabled my Audio Technica ESW9s with Double Helix's Nucleotide OCC Copper cable.  I am very happy with the increase in clarity and soundstage, it's like a veil was lifted the detail and warmth on these is great without being too bright.  It really helped in the treble detail also without making it too bright, which is where I feel this headphone is a little weak.  I'm going to be using the Nucleotide cable for any other future recabling projects.

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I just received a 8 foot Double Helix Molecule OCC (SE) cable for my AKG K 702s. I believe this was the first cable of Molecule OCC SE that Peter had made for AKGs. My rig is using an iMac running Decibel as a source through a Grace Design m903 as a DAC and Headphone Amp.  I was able to audition them A/B vs. the stock cable last night for about an hour to gain some initial impressions. My initial impression is quite positive and I notice three areas of improvement:


1) The bass performance has more impact and sounds less attenuated in the music mix and deep room resonances can be heard more distinctly (less subtle)

2) The sound stage has more precise placement and spatial resolution within the perceived image (more subtle)

3) the perceived level of detail within high frequency instruments like drum brushes and cymbals seem a touch more detailed (more subtle)


Mechanically, the cable workmanship is flawless and while larger than the stock cable, the wear ergonomics are quite comfortable. Communication with Peter throughout the order placement and fulfillment process was excellent. I will definitely order an aftermarket cable from Peter again if the situation arises.





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Thanks Bob!

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