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got my DHC Symbiote Shure cable and plugged them in and gave a listen.


for reference to my equipment i am using in conjunction with the DHC cable


Iriver IHP-140 Fiber Optic Out>Sys-Concept Custom Fiber Optic Cable>Ibasso DB2 Dac>RSA male Toxic Silver Poison Cable Ibasso Hirose Interconnect>RSA SR-71B Amp>DHC Symbiote Shure Cable> Shure SE535 Bronze


At first listen i was VERY please. i am a silver cable guy i normally wouldnt think about using Copper, however i made a exception. and to my dismay i was taken back by this cable and what it introduced into the music.


Its extremely lush all around, it sounds as if you are being covered in silk, SOOO smooth, soundstage is Wide, with the se535 they have a very mid centric presence, this cable seems to tame that a bit adding warmth all over but the thing that got me with this cable is its warm, but its extremely transparent and clean. normally if a cable is presenting a warmth, then it also seems to introduce a veil to the overall sound. nope not with this cable, its crystal clear presentation while delivering warmth is some kind of voodoo magic you get no veil whatsoever....im really taken back with how much i like the sound of this cable becuase like i said i am a ''silver only'' kind of guy, but the DHC symbiote blows me away. it also gives me a musical presentation it definitly is musical.....i highly reccomend it.

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Great impressions! Im currently waiting on a symbiote fusion cable... Hope it delivers what im hoping it does
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Originally Posted by Cotnijoe View Post

Great impressions! Im currently waiting on a symbiote fusion cable... Hope it delivers what im hoping it does

thanks, i am still blown away by the cables ability to deliver a warm sound not dark but warm....and then still be crystal clear transparent.


ive read reviews where people compare stock cables as looking though a dirty window...and then the symbiote being like looking through a open window....and thats totally true..

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I purchased a Macromolecule SE cable for my Hifiman HE-6. This is the second time I'm ordering from Peter, the first being an Audez'e cable I bought a couple years ago.


Before I made the jump on the cable, I asked Peter millions of questions about the cable itself, options, custom choices, etc... we shared like 50 emails, and he always answered them promptly and very helpfully. I haven't received it yet, but so far, I had the most pleasure doing business with him than other cable makers. I hope - although I'm quite sure - that the actual cable turns out as good as his service is.

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I don't think you broke the record of 100.

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A custom-made Peptide OCC copper Macromolecule SE cable for my HE-6, with the new headphone connector shrinks (which I kinda helped Peter design), Acrolink's carbon fiber Y-splitter, Neutrik's stainless steel 4-pin XLR plug, and fully sleeved from top to bottom with silica fiber. It may not be the most expensive headphone cable in the market, nor the most flexible, but it sure is damn sexy!



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Originally Posted by scootermafia View Post


Man.. if we needed IEM companies to take us seriously, this would not be a great example to show them.




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Review should be up later tonight or in the afternoon tomorrow. 




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Thanks Austin!


Some cute photos there.

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Finally got my DHC fusion iem cable from Peter.


Surprisingly, the cable wasnt as stiff as i expected, and it fits around my ears wonderfully. Interestingly enough, the lack of earguides actually allowed me to get a better insertion with my iem and a more consistent fit.


The sound is fairly obviously better. Whether its because of cable or the fact ive gotten a better fit than i ever did (or both), only time will tell.


So far very happy customer right here :)

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I'll just leave this here :etysmile:


a welcomed addition to my rig 

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Originally Posted by Cotnijoe View Post


I'll just leave this here :etysmile:


a welcomed addition to my rig 

which model is that?

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Originally Posted by achl354 View Post

which model is that?

Fusion iem cable biggrin.gif
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