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Haha it was on my front store page, facebook, and twitter.  We could set up a deal where I send you a letter in the mail every month...

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Originally Posted by scootermafia View Post

Haha it was on my front store page, facebook, and twitter.  We could set up a deal where I send you a letter in the mail every month...

It's no big deal. I just would have liked a shot at that cable, and was surprised you don't have email announcements of events like this for previous customers. I did hit your website recently but I must have scrolled down to what I was after without noticing that.

Finally I just don't get Twitter, and can barely tolerate Facebook so I guess I'm falling behind... redface.gif
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you dont need a facebook account to see comapny pages on it

just type in "_____ facebook" into google and you can see all the posts

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Can't believe I didn't see this thread earlier!

Just going to throw in my two cents in support of Peter's work. I have the Macromolecule from him for my LCD-2s, and will testify to the quality of the craftsmanship, aesthetics, and sound. Definitely a great product, there's no two ways about it.


Out of focus? More like ART!

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Thanks for the kind words.


Those are some serious spikes on your Schiit stack!  If vampires ever invaded your home, you could just hold your amp up to your chest and charge at one of them.  I need some of those...

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If my audio equipment can't kill vampires, I haven't gotten my money's worth.

EDIT: The spikes were part of a used deal, but for anybody interested I'm pretty sure they're Super Cell Audio Spikes, either the 2nd or 3rd down on that page. They work well enough! I don't really know about their "vibration control" or whatever, but they definitely ensure my stack doesn't get hot, and I imagine they'd be fine on speakers. Alternatively, you could spend like $400 on Super-Iso-QuadCryo-PureBrass-Vibroballz, or whatever else is available.

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Don't be smack talking my Vibro Balls now.  


I kind of want some of Valab's knockoff magnetic-levitation feet.  

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Better smack talking your Vibro Balls than smacking your Vibro Balls. very_evil_smiley.gif



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God damn it Steve.


Originally Posted by Steve Eddy View Post

Better smack talking your Vibro Balls than smacking your Vibro Balls. very_evil_smiley.gif



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This thread has to have the most hilarious content to date on HF... Don't believe me? Go to the other pages. Anyhow, I'm here to post my final impressions of the DHC Symbiote SE. As you may have already, I post some initial impressions here


The cables are in the same physical state as when I received them, but I believe minor wear and tear caused the cable to be a bit more flexible, which is common. I have approximately 160 hours on the cables so Burn-In should be mostly complete.


Like from my first listen, static is significantly reduced compared to the stock Westone cable. I tried my best to note some significant changes from 5 hours of use to 160 hours and I managed to get some impressions. Close to <15 hours of Burn-in, the cables showed significant bass quantity increase. Once passing 50 hours or so, I felt the quantity leveled out more with quality. It felt like bass was a bit reduced from <15 hours, but it was tighter and cleaner now. Very clean sounding bass, especially with an amplifier. Compared to the Westone cable, the DHC Symbiote SE was both better in quantity and quality at the <15 hour burn-in mark, and now at 160> hours the bass is a bit more settled compared to the <15 hours, but now it's VERY clean, smooth, and very accurate. It still has more quantity than the Westone cable, but now it has so much more tightness and pace than both the Westone cable and it being at the <15 hour mark.


Ahhh vocals are sooooooooooooo good... As I said before, my CIEM is Mid forward and what the Symbiote SE does is fix the uneven bits. It just sounds much more clearer and transparent; almost effortless now. Very little fatigue because the Mids isn't grainy or shouty at all. It's powerful and very well controlled. On Peter's site, I remember reading the page where it describes the benefits of OCC copper, and after reading that and owning a cable of his, it makes perfect sense. The picture where it shows how OCC is a smooth road and all the other types of Copper are rougher and almost mountainous roads makes complete sense. The delivery is just so smooth. Really hard to explain and you need to hear it yourself to understand.


Treble energy hasn't changed, as I stated in my previous impression, but again it improved since my previous impressions. Oh so very crisp and sparkly. It's not one of those in-your-face bright and prominent treble, it's forward and not offensive. It's very detailed and just enough splash and crisp to satisfy a treble-head like myself. Again, the delivery is unbelievable, especially coming from a cable! It just sounds effortless! Throughout the entire frequency range, it just sounds smoother.


General thoughts about changes between <15 hours to 160> hours. It opened up even more, bass settled down a bit, bass has incredible texture and quality, mids are just effortless, and treble is more tamed and enjoyable.


Peter, you make one hell of a cable!!!! Your Symbiote SE made me appreciate my CIEM even more now! I'm planning on a Re-shell with better bass drivers all because of this cable now!! DHC cables just opens up opportunities for your IEMs and Headphones that you just want to make it sound EVEN BETTER NOW! Before the Symbiote SE, I thought my CIEM was the closest to perfect for me. After receiving the cable, I can spot out many flaws of my CIEMs that I never heard before with the stock cable... Is that enough of a sales pitch? Cheers to you Peter! Looking forwards to purchasing a HE-400/500 cable from you soon!

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Thanx planx!

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Pretty much nailed it planx.


With my ES5, every piano note sounds so effortless, delicate, lush... just outright elegant, compared to other cables.

Soundstage is wider and more 3D like, and makes the sound engaging. Each instrument is individually placed in their own spots, so the sound is very detailed, organized, and downright addicting.

Out of the countless different IEM cables I've tried, including the Piccolino, the Symbiote SE... the peptide wire is hands down the best sounding so far.

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Symbiote SE .....Peptide?.......Are they the same cable or different?

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Ah.....sorry it seems the Symbiote SE Is the Peptide........sorry about that.....

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