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dre's for cheap

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i can get a pair of beats by dre studio for a $120 on ebay, the seller has 100% feedback and i am wondering if i should buy them, or would they be fake

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I go to a forum where the main discussions are about selling fake beats on different sites and I just get flamed for mentioning real headphones.
They're fake, don't worry.
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get the v-moda crosssfade lp and a small headphone amp and you will be much more happy with them than with real beats, i can not say much as the amp, as i have yet to get one, but the fiio's are said to be great budget amps. 

i have my v-modas on my head as we speak, and i have posted a review, here. as for what i said about the comfort, if your ears do not stick out abnormally like mine, they will delight you. as my ears push on the grate over the driver, it is a bit uncomfortable. it is so much better than beats.

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ok what head phones are around $100 that sound good and look good(i like alot of bass)

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what i said above is great, click the link i embedded into the headphones name. the bass is forward, but not overpowering, check my review on them

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As for stylish, great-sounding headphones that outmatch Beats at their own game, the V-Moda mentioned above and some of their other models are great. Also to consider are the AIAIAI TMA-1, an ultra-durable DJ headphone with a simple style, or the Creative Aurvana Live!, a cheaper option with a slightly bassy sound signature.


If you truly want the humongous bass boom of Beats, get yourself a Sony XB500 or a Klipsch Reference One.

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i will say that the sony xb500's are very bassy, but the larger diaphram of the v-modas makes the clarity of the bass much better. i have tried xb500 and v-moda lp side by side, only the v-modas can produce the infrasonic bass of bass i love you by bassotronics, which i use as my low frequency extension test. the xb-500 is almost noticable. the v-modas create a sound of silence that is deeply felt, not heard.

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they are fake but who cares, you cant tell and the sound will probably be the same... maybe better? haha


anyways... yeah, look into how to spot fake ones on youtube.

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I would definitely care if I purchased fake headphones that were represented as real. I really doubt they sound the same, let alone better

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The Shure SRH750dj can be found for around $120 sometimes. Another option.

or the XB500's if you want to stay on the cheap.

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as far as fake beats. the sound sucks, the durability sucks. the feel sucks. if you get the studios, they are NOT noise canceling and the amp generates heaps of static.

 in most cases with fake stuff you get what you paid for. in this case you get less.

the reason i say this is my freind bought a pair of fakes. they sounded horrible, beat in bass and clarity by my $10.80 sony in ears. for which i give sony props for, as they are impossible to blow with anything i have less of a loudspeaker amp. also they broke within 4 days of gentle use. and when you start at such a poor design, including but not limited to a single piece of cast plastic as the headband, you cannot really expect anything. if money is tight go with what the above said and get the xb500's. if you want something that looks great and sounds great for the money, go with v-moda crossfade lp from amazon. there is just so much more to offer within your price range. you could even go for some IEM's but i am not one to say much on that. i have heard some deliver great bass or great clarity, or both if you jump up a bit in price.

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