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For Sale:
Headstage arrow 3G plus usb DAC cable - Sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a headstage arrow 3g and the usb dac cable (this is the one with all the electronics inside the usb dongle, so it looks like a thumb drive with a cable coming out of it). This thing never leaves my desk at work anymore, so there is no reason for such a portable setup, 


Asking $250 for the amp and $60 for the DAC or $300 for the combo. I've already seen some interest from locals to the bay area, so I'll give them first dibs, then discuss shipping.


Edit: Pictures are up, just highlighting the imperfections. On the DAC, there is a very small dent in the plastic that you can see in the picture, otherwise it is perfect. On the amp, there are a couple very faint scratches on the corner of the housing where you can see the paint had scratched through. I tried to take a picture of the worst of them here.


edit: decided im going to sell so I can build a bottlehead. Also interested in a trade for Beyerdynamic dt770 600ohm.


Edit: amp is sold. since it didn't sell as a package, i'll hold onto the DAC until i build the new amp and decide to upgrade.


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