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£500 budget for 2.1 speakers

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I have a £500 ($800) to buy a 2.1 system. I will be connecting it to a PC running Spotify.


I am looking to buy a pair of bookshelves, a discrete sub and an amplifier/receiver.


The priority is to get the loudest, most bass-heavy sound for the money, that can fill a large house with sound. Music genres are loud and bass-heavy club music and electronic dance music (house, dubstep etc).


Sound quality is obviously important, but I don't need it to be AMAZING clarity, just loud and punchy. It needs to be able to fill a very large space with sound.


I could increase the budget if it will make a BIG difference.



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500 quid is too little for quality *and* great bass so in your shoes i would fish out a nice beefy stereo amp/receiver and go with a nice and efficient pair of floor standers (that go fairly low) for good large house filling sound

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Cheap, clear and loud.  Chose one.

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Hmm, ok guys, I understand now that I will have to compromise at that price. I will come back later with a bigger budget and a new thread.


Thanks for the advice.

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Loud and punchy and bass heavy just screams Klipsch RB 81. Then you might not need the .1

If you want the house to shake, go with cheaper bookshelves and spend most of your money on a subwoofer, realistically:


Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 (£150)

Wharfedale 10.1 (£150) with a sub (they sell a matched one for 150) leaving 200 for a stereo amp.

Id suggest a Harman Kardon 980 off the top of my head. They will power any pair of speakers nicely. If you can stretch your budget go with floorstanders as mentioned by trog then you will not need the sub. For £300 you can have the Wharfedale Diamon 10.4 which are beautiful to look at and i heard them at SuperFi (London). Burn a few tracks to a CD, go to a nice retailer and  they will let you demo a pair of your choice.

Richer sounds, SuperFi, bartletts hi fi and all good speaker shops will let you try the speakers before you buy.


Try going instore to SuperFi.

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If you just want cheap and loud, PA speakers may be the way to go...

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Originally Posted by Mauricio View Post

Cheap, clear and loud.  Chose one.

The saying is that you, "pick two".


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For $800, you can get an active 2.1 system from KRK, Yamaha or JBL.  I just don't know whether they will be loud enough for your house-shaking level purposes.  But clear they will be at reasonable listening levels.

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Suggest you dip in the used audio market and in the UK places like Gumtree , etc? Also drop down to a proper speaker forums where they know their stuff and can give solid guidance such as AVS L3000.gif

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Can be done http://www.audiointimidation.com/s5000.html , these are really good speakers can be had for £250 a pair http://www.htfr.com/p/388953/intimidation_s5000_700_watt_speakers , your need a strong amp for drive these http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/power-amplifiers/servo-series/servo600/ , 300watts rms per a channel at 4ohm can be had for £200 http://www.dv247.com/studio-equipment/samson-servo-600-power-amplifier--31539 you shouldn't need a sub the speakers have 2 x 12" drivers each.

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You would be better off with a pair of Floor standing speakers

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