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Originally Posted by realmassy View Post

Agree about the no neutral! But disagree about the brightness, but everyone ears are different :-)

Yes every ear is different and that is why this forum is so colorful , no neutral :-))))

To be clear I don't have problem with 009 I listen it now :-) but when is the night ,dark in my room and only small light and vaccum tubs gives some shades and whisky in my glass ther is no 009 on my head.
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Originally Posted by bearded man View Post

Correct me guys , BHSE was oryginally designed for MK1 is it? They are vary warm and bit dark colour headphones , 009 are bit bright ,bit cold and neutral .

To be correct, the BHSE wasn't designed for anything in particular (but Kevin's take on the t2). It just happens to unravel the full potential of the omega 2, a very very thirsty headphone...

As for the reputation for the phone and / or amp to not be musical, my take at the moment is that it simply won't transcend a mediocre source and / or material (hopefully I don't change my mind when the bhse gets here wink.gif). On that regard, there are two approaches to audio bliss, some search the most fidelity, some search the maximum musical enjoyment even if it may involve significant alteration of the original signal (when you think of the whole recording process, it's not always that big a deal at that point;) ). I don't think either one is particularly wrong (and likely related to your musical culture and audio experience). But you should at least understand where you stand so as to avoid chasing the wrong tail in you endeavour....

You also need to beware of others opinion, as it sometimes can be very very deceptive. Only trust people who you've found hear the same as you. Be suscpicious of blanket statements like you may have been already exposed to since asking for advice here. Last but not least, people who know you have money to spend and are undecided will do whatever they can to stir you in some direction, just take everything with a large pinch of salt, starting with my comments above I guess wink.gif)).

Good luck,
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Originally Posted by realmassy View Post

I agree the source is the key element with the 009...I wish I could afford Dave's K-01.

Hi Massi,

The best I've heard from the K-01 was when I auditioned it, and it was via a speaker set up.
I find the K-01 is a very detailed source so with ( IMO ) the 009's and BHSE also being very detailed, some may feel the K-01 isn't suited being used with the 009 / BHSE, however, what I look for when listening with headphones is as much detail and transparency as possible, which I feel I get that from the 009 / BHSE / K-01.
Also, when I got the K-01, I was planning on using it with speakers ( which I will eventually be doing ) because that way I think I'll be using the K-01's full potential, which I'm not sure I'm doing with headphones.
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Originally Posted by britneedadvice View Post
 Richard (The Attorney) started this thread mentioning the WES / BHSE and LL, so, what about the RS A10 (and others).

Unfortunately, I've not come across the RSA A10, Electra, etc, in any mainstream review. And I was hoping to get more feedback on the LL2's, but nobody has offered.


The theoretical advantage of such a multi-comparison review is that the reviewer should be professional enough to give each amp an equally fair hearing, with no axe to grind.

In practice in this case, according to Justin, the 3 reviews were done at completely different times. If so, that heavily reduces the value of the comparison. I don't care how good the reviewer's notes were, he can't  possibly accurately remember the nuances of a sound from weeks ago, when he would have come across maybe dozens of other random components in the meantime. And it probably explains why he came up with some strange conclusions.


My favourite multi-way comparisons so far are Tyll's

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l've owned my RSA A-10 for about 2 years and I'm very pleased with the sound quality driving my SR-009.  I'm mainly a speaker system user but I've been into high end headphones for over 20 years.  My sound quality preferences are for a touch of warmth and I can't tolerate any brightness or lean sound.  I'm not a fan of the HD800 even when driven by a quality tube amp such as the Zana Deux SE that I used with it.  I state this only to give you an idea of my preferences in sound.


Since I bought the A-10 in the spring of 2012, Ray Samuels upgraded the caps in my amp to the latest production version in 2013.  The newer caps produced better bass and more warmth but getting the right tubes was very significant to getting the ultimate sound that I was trying to achieve.  The tubes that I like are the Raytheon 5687 in the headphone section along with Mullard CV4004 for the three 12AX7 tubes.  Equally important is getting the source right and for me the Bricasti M1 is it.  I've updated my M1 to the latest circuit changes as of February 2014.


The sound quality I'm getting from the A-10/SR-009 is great for my preferences.  The sound has just a touch of warmth and its not bright at all but it isn't rolled off either.  The bass is extended and tight and midrange is liquid and grain free.  I've only heard a few other electrostatic amps, one being the Stax 727 and the other was a prototype Cavalli hybrid amp (Feb 2014) that was later shipped by my friend who had it to the Bay Meet on Feb 16, 2014.  I prefer the A-10 to either one of those amps.  The Cavalli hybrid amp was a direct comparison connected to my Bricasti.  My A-10 produced a soundstage that was projected more out in front of me instead of in my head as in the hybrid amp.  Also the A-10 was more neutral sounding vs the Cavalli that was just a bit bright.  To be fair, the Cavalli had stock tubes so its performance may be enhanced by NOS tubes too.


One other big factor in favor of the A-10 is its performance as a preamp in my speaker system.  My A-10 replaced a very good preamp, the Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Ultimate preamp aka the CAT SL1 Ultimate.  I had the CAT pre for nearly 14 years and its built like a tank and a favorite among audiophiles for well over 20 years.  The A-10 provides me with equally great sound and maybe a bit better.  Even though I loved the CAT, I don't miss it a bit with the A-10 in my system.  So even though the A-10 isn't cheap at $6500, it replaced a $8000 preamp and it's a great sounding electrostatic amp for the SR-009.  For me it's well worth the cost. 

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Does the A10 use the Dact stepped attenuator (as in the B52)? Thanks.

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This A10 seems great ! Anybody had compare them with Electra or BSHE ?


I didn't read the whole thread but there is a words about the Electra ?

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Originally Posted by rgs9200m View Post

Does the A10 use the Dact stepped attenuator (as in the B52)? Thanks.
I think it's the same attenuator as in the B52.
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