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For Sale:

Will Ship To: North America

This is a mint condition excellent DAC-Amp that I purchased recently and have since been neglected after I bought a different DAC. It sounds IMPRESSIVE for its relatively low cost in both the DAC and AMP aspects. It's also small enough to be quasi-portable. You can take it to work and put it on your desk.

For those of you not too familiar with it, here are some info from Amazon:

D2 is both a headphone amplifer and USB DAC, this perfect combination allows you to connect the D2 to your PC to bypass the standard sound card that you may have and utilize the D2's awasome sound quality. This is an ideal setup for those that want to obtain much better sound quality out of their PC for their speakers of even headphones without needing to purchase an expensive high end sound card and install it into your PC.The D2 supports 4 types of input from line out, coaxial, optical and USB.

This is a new generation multi-function extension product decoder, the decoder sets coaxial, fiber optic decoder, USB external sound card and headphone amplifier as one; in the small of the volume, can be used as multi-channel headphone amplifier input, multi- the first amplifier input, or input of the all-around multi-decoder to use, the use of very wide scope.

D2 appearance concise fashion, the internal use of good design, the industry's leading chip-scale high fidelity sound quality HIFI device to your computer, digital players, DVD players and other products widely Lyrics value perfect sound quality.


(I am uploading my pic as soon as I get back to my place, but it looks nothing different from this pic from the Amazon site.)