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I've been interested in using my unique looking Kenwood HS-5 housing for a project.



However, I can't figure out how to get to the drivers. Is anyone familiar with these?

There aren't any screws anywhere and none of the brackets or cups screw or snap off.

The pads have a twist off holding cap so they can be replaced but there is just another

solid screwless plastic grill over the driver. There are screws at the headband joints

like most headphones but thats all I could find.



So the rear faux perforated cups can be gently twisted and popped off.

They are held in by plastic snap latches to a metal rib.

Just be gentle as its all soft plastic.


Once I find some quality 36mm drivers this project should be on the way. 

I have some ribbon tweeters and some cheap standard dynamic film drivers

that might work if I can't find anything better.

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