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For Sale or Trade: MP4Nation HM5 $old

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For Sale or Trade:
MP4Nation HM5 $old

Will Ship To: Canada, US

I purchased this pair at the end of 2011 and quite like them but I simply don't use full size headphones enough to keep them.

They come with the carrying case and extra set of earpads and are in excellent condition with minimal use and about 75 hrs of burnin using a mix of burnin techniques I use for new equipment before I do reviews or serious listening. I will put up photos as I can but they have no flaws that I can see.

These are being pre-ordered on MP4Nation for $old but you have to wait until they are ready. I am willing to let these go for the same pre-order price. Unfortunately I don't live in a country with low cost shipping options though so the purchaser will have to pay for shipping, so contact me with your Postal/Zip code and I will let you know the shipping costs.

I am also willing to look at some form of trade for a pair of VSonic GR07, JVC FXT90, Sony EX600, Sony EX1000, Westone 4 (new or older model), Senn IE80.
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Sale pending...
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End up selling them?

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