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headphones....................and MUSIC . how do they relate?

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you are invited to carefully craft your own - just an impression and where you'd like us to focus our attention. And we will take the 4 minutes and listen. This is the pledge upon entering this thread. enterers must listen to everyone's single youtube imbeded link. like it or not. and try and see why they like it. this tells us about tastes and headphone requirements and world peace; when a 'race' becomes so fast that it can't take time to listen to anothers insight how can it ever live together peacefully. There is a natural pace to life it seems and there are extremes. 




I'll get the ball rollin with one:








after phil's prophetic intro about rabbetholes and fools gold, check out 'ol brian downey play that 'crash' cymbal ! what pattern and timing................. now that's a human timing and requires a certain headphone...... it's so beautiful a creation. an irish shuffle.






something like that.............put something into it. make it a little masterpiece. remember you only get one. so choose semi-wisely

note: when you post yours, just click the little video tape ribbon icon when you post and it will show your video. This thread could be cool if everyone proceeded in a somwehat orderly and regimented fashion.  prooving there are even times when such things can be virtues.





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alright, doesn't seem to be catching on like wildfire. I'll try another:






this tune is all about the midrange. And listening through a current bassy set of phones dampens an otherwise potentially euphoric experience of listening to paul dianno belt out some true goodness.



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How is this related to DIY?


Needs to be moved, like, elsewhere.

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you're right pabbi, I moved it elsewhere. Thanks for keeping such a tight ship 'round here. keep it up. 5 gold stars

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Music is an artistic expression. Headphones are a technical reproduction of this.


Beauty is in the ear of the beholder. We don't hear things as they are, we hear things as we are.

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ok some sounds that really sound orgasmic with my grades:


Minitemen- Ain't no picnic


The melvins- lizzy


chuck berry- rock n roll music


earth- the entire album of pentastar.


the griminess and mid range that my grado's highlight in each song (album in one case) really solidify the fact that grados are the correct choice for me. idk. i really just like loud and heavy music. that's all that can be really identified. or fast ass punk rawk. 

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clearly picked more than one song but i figured i'd showcase just a sampling of the tunes i truly groove on

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