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Female protagonist are my fave. Connecting with the same cookie cutter male progagonist in nearly every RPG can't be any better. Velvet looks interesting to me. Mind you, I'm a sucker for long, black haired Kuuderes. Everyone knows Tales protags have never really been strong, but supporting cast always makes up for it. Yuri is an exception. I liked Stahn too.

As for Vesperia. Of course I knew about the PS3 version. I just meant that I wasn't aware that a full patch was finished.

Makes me wish I had a modded PS3. Ah well. Makes me wonder if Bamco would buy the fan translation the same way Xseed did for the recent Ys games, and then release the game on Steam. I would love to go back to Vesperia.
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There's a fan translation patch for Vesperia now? Well, guess that gives me reason to get a second PS3 and flash some CFW onto it, then! (Or, if I'm rich, buy a DECR-1000 devkit for about $1,000.) Not gonna risk it with my primary PS3, though.


In the meantime, I really need to get cracking on Resonance of Fate again. Picked it up for $5 during a prior flash sale, already watched a friend stream it way back, and I'll probably like it a lot now that I'm used to the unusual combat system.

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So I preordered Sword Art Online: Lost Song for PS4, and I got Hollow Fragment for free for preordering it.

I'm starting to think I made a mistake.

The game throws you right in, with very weird and convoluted game mechanics. I was instantly turned off by it. Starting to think it was $60 that I just basically threw away. Hopefully Lost Somg will make up for it when it releases in November.
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Picked up Ys Origin and Oath in Felghana.  Not yet Finished with Ys II.  Done with Ys I.  Not yet started Ys VI.  These games rule.

LoH: Trails in the Sky rules as well, I need to remember to finish playing it, haha.

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For me, Chrono Trigger is the best of all time.


I also like:


Grandia 2

Legend of Legaia

Legend of Mana

Threads of Fate

Xenogears series

Tales of Legendia

Digital Devi Saga series

Rogue Galaxy

Final Fantasy 8,9,10 and for sure 15 though it is not released yet. (Because it looks freakin' promising)

Kingdom Hearts series.

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I recently got an itch to play an underrated oldie but goodie: shadow Hearts on PS2. I had the entire series back in the day, and I dunno it's Halloween, and wanted to bring back memories of the one and only horror jrpg I can think of, lol.

It's actually really good, despite it's technical shortcomings. It plays more like a first gen PS1 game, not a PS2 one (static jpeg backgrounds, not 3d like FFX being one), but still very entertaining. The music is amazing. I remember the second game having some truly memorable battle songs.

I mean, that's the REGULAR batle music? It sounds like a boss track!

Had to emulate the PS2 on PC. Kinda of learning to understand what options work best, but I found something playable.

I started the game at the worst time, so I wanted to play until something good releases, or when I get my PS4 Pro on Nov 10. I didn't realize Owlboy releases TODAY on PC. Hnnng, I hate playing more than one game at a time.
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I remember when I was pretty young, before all the gamestops took over there was this place by my cousins house called Funcoland and I bought a used copy of Star Ocean: The Second Story and Wild Arms. Loved those games. My all time favorite is probably FFIX though. Pokemon Blue holds a special place in my heart as well.

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Just replayed Final Fantasy 12 International Zodiac to see the changes in the upcoming HD rerelease, and I'm glad that it's still my favorite Final Fantasy.  Everything about it, from the combat/gambit system to the story I absolutely love.  My PC handled upscaling the graphics well, (own two copies of FF 12 somehow and a ps2 in storage) with a few minor hiccups every once in awhile, and it looked quite nice.  For a 10 year old game, it's held up remarkably well, and didn't have any issues with feeling dated at all for me.

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​I wish I could have the same respect for 12.  It is the first in the series from 6 through to 12 that I stopped playing the series with... I hated 13 too, to be frank.

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