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Well, I downloaded the undub version. I did buy the EU version of Eternia (which has been on my PSP for ages, lol).
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Has anyone played YS seven ? Its a jrpg with hack and slash battle system instead of turn base.  I'm playing it on my Vita and has I've been playing non-stop since. 

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I did at first, but I couldn't get into it. Not that it's a bad game, but because I tend to not really care for hack and slash rpgs. Never been a Zelda fan, so that tells you something. Action RPGs have to be something truly special for me to get into them. Tales, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts are about the three main series that I adore, that isn't turn based. I dunno, I just like turn based rpgs more.

I kinda wish I COULD get into games like Ys and Zelda.

Still, I'm looking for a good PSP rpgs that I could download to my Vita. Was thinking of getting the FFIV Collection, but I've already played the DS one, and the After Years on the Wii. Don't really feel like revisiting it again.
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Xseed (I think?) Confirmed to be releasing Ys Origin on Steam :V, kind of a moot point if you played the english patch one already but still.  As you probably can tell Ys Origin the last Ys game I played, and might I add, it's devised to kick your ass HARD even on normal difficulty.  (I enjoy difficult games)


Haven't played Ys Seven yet.

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Turn-based RPGs...for me, that's a point of contention. I generally hate "DVD menu" combat where both sides take turns whacking each other for an eternity unless you didn't grind enough and your entire party gets slaughtered instantly, but slog through it anyway for the plot. It's even worse with all the random encounters. (And to think that I used to play them without reading a guide the first time through...nowadays, forget that!)


Yet I'm probably going to get Xenoblade regardless, even though I might be better off saving the money for The Last Story. Operation Rainfall needs the support, and if those two do well, we might even get Pandora's Tower.


The thing I like about real-time action-style combat is that it doesn't feel like I have to pray to the Random Number God the whole time while I'm trying to get somewhere; instead, if something goes horribly wrong, it's probably because I screwed up.


On the other hand, I do enjoy certain turn-based combat systems when there's strategy and timing involved.


I still don't consider Zelda an RPG series (lacking most of the mechanics people use to define RPGs), but it appeals to me regardless, especially with Skyward Sword having swordplay that reminds me of Die By The Sword, only the direction of your sword swings are actually quite important.


EDIT: Looked a bit more into Xenoblade, and it looks like it avoids the usual JRPG combat tropes that put me off. Normal attacks are automatic, so the battles keep flowing, but there are special abilities that are manually activated and depend on your character's position relative to the target. Also, health regenerates gradually outside of battles, and you can see potentially threatening monsters before you get into fights with them. I think I'll like it.

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I got myself the Ys game that was released on steam a little while ago and I've been enjoying it a lot. I did have a bit of a problem with the controls at the start, but after a while I was able to figure it out. The problem was that it told me which buttons to press on my keyboard while I was using a controller. Not exactly ideal. The widescreen mode doesn't seem to be working all that well either, but xseed promised they would patch it in sometime soon. They wanted to avoid too large a vision I suppose, since that often breaks games like this one a little.
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So i went and downloaded FFIV the Collection on the Vita. Needed something full of content to play on that gorgeous screen.

I hope to god Sony hurries with the PSOne emulation. So many fantastic rpgs to play on that screen.
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i wish i have the vita so i could play all the ff series+persona+chrono trigger/cross


any fans of disgaea?i could only finished the first one

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I went into the game believing that people exaggerated how bad the ending was. Sadly, its pretty damn bad. Almost like a slap to the face for ME fans everywhere.


Offtopic: ME3's ending is like riding in a rollercoaster. A lot of twists, turns, and generally a lot of fun. Even a sex scene. And then, the rollercoaster cuts off at the end and you plummet to your death. Bioware keeps trying to justify that the ride was worth the price of admission, but the reality is that even if 95% of the ride was enjoyable, you still were basically punched right in the nuts at the end.

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The problem with ME3's ending is that it tried to be deep, and make you think. Well, that works for certain things. However, in Mass Effect, you have gone through a lot to get to the end, and want to see exactly what all your struggles amounted to. It was literally a lazy, cop out ending.

I can understand for a movie or something, not something as long and expansive as the Mass Effect games were.

On topic: I'm about 25+ hours into Tales of Graces F. Enjoying every bit of it.
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Originally Posted by graphidz View Post

i wish i have the vita so i could play all the ff series+persona+chrono trigger/cross


any fans of disgaea?i could only finished the first one

Disgaea is legendary, although I've only completed the first two. One of the best storylines ever. Red prinny arc was real good.


Also, suikoden II is the top of the top for me. Beat it maybe 5 times, collected every ending, character, most good items, all scenarios (vikis random teleport to storage was tough). Bought a mint copy for $150 and I do not regret it.

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suikoden really that good?never had the chance to play it.digging back my ps1+finding the game makes it hard.any other platform available?

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Oh yes, it was maybe one of the first games that I discovered with multiple endings, somewhat choose your destiny. Soundtrack was amazing, sort of gaelic. It's only available for ps1. But surely you can find a way to "emulate" the game. Play part II, then I and you'll appreciate it more, IMO.

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can give me a list of the english version?also,are the numbers mean sequels or like final fantasy's numbering?

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There's a version of Disgaea for the DS.  I don't know how different it is though.

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