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Toronto Meet - Sunday April 8th

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Hey guys,


With consent from BMWWW, I'm taking over hosting of this meet. The date is set for Sunday, April 8th between noon and 6pm at the party room.


The preliminary thread is located here.


There is free visitor parking on the first level of the garage (space is rather limited but just drive in, park and get a visitor pass to put on your tashboard from security), a few spots beside the building on the side facing Yonge st (double check the signs though, might be during specific time), there is also a parking lot behind Shoppers that is paid.



Same details as the last few meets:
There is no strict entrance fee, but I will be holding a raffle at $5/ticket for a DIY build of mine, details to come later.  Please participate for a ticket or few to help cover the costs of organizing the meet (mostly cost of party room rental and scotch) and maybe you'll end up taking a nice prize home.  If others would like to donate something to be raffled off, that is always appreciated.
As always, bring power bars - there are never enough!  Expect to not have too much table space, but we'll do the best we can.
If anybody is a photographer, it would be great to bring a camera and take photos, always fun! :)
There will be a small bar at one end of the room, away from the equipment tables.  I will have some good scotch for people to enjoy (I'm a huge fan of scotch and it's always a pleasure to share), beyond that it's a BYOB event and I welcome (and greatly encourage) any connoisseurs and other appreciators of drinks to bring something for us to taste as well, it would be very much appreciated.  Of course, bear in mind that this is a HEADPHONE meet with quite a bit of equipment, and is to be treated as such (well... that's usually the plan, though experience teaches us that after a few hours of enjoying music, people tend to enjoy drinks and conversation more).  I have not had any problems with having a small bar at the previous 10 or so meets, I expect this guideline to continue, please aim to keep it this way.  As a general rule regarding drinks - keep it at the bar or in your hand, NEVER on an equipment table.
Please reply if you can make it, it would be great to see everybody there.  Please mention what gear you'd like to bring and I'll have a list here.
Guest List (18 going, 6 maybe)
Rumbleripper (maybe)
swatcsi (maybe)
321-Gone (maybe)
exer (maybe)
Anathallo (maybe)
Chris J
Namkung (maybe)
bmwww +1
neddamttocs +1

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I will likely be there if my schedule permits.

I should be able to bring a bottle or two of some single malt scotch also.


Thanks for offering to host the event. This will me my first headphone meet and am really looking forward to it.





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I will definitely be making it out to the meet and buying at least a few raffle tickets to help out.

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I should be able to attend. I'll bring my stax o2mk1 and srm252.
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Im able to come, and will bring whatever is in my signature under 'Home'.

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i will be there for sure

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I will be there.


I can bring any of the following


HD650, HD25, Vmoda m80, Monster pro copper


Cowon J3, JDS Cmoy 2.03, Matrix Cube 


Laptop/music collection

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If I can make it, I'll try my best to bring my kgsshv with me.

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I will be there and for sure, a few tickets.
My rigs to come:
T1 ED8 ESW10
Ear 909
Any one willing to bring a good cd player to the meeting? I have some rare esoteric sacd to share.
If no cd player to come, I will probably bring my rotel.
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Damnit, can't make it on this new date.


Oh well.  One day I'll be available to come to one of these things.

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I'm in, can bring the e9/e7 combo as well as the tube amp I won in the raffle last time.

Will have an assortment of IEMs (FXT90, EX600, PFE022/HF2s), HD25 and K601.

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I'm in for sure. And put me down for some raffle tickets as well, happy to contribute.

I'll be bringing 



Liquid Fire, GES

LCD2r2, Stax 007 mkII


And a macbook.

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I'll most likely (90%) be there. I can bring my HE-6 with the balanced Beta 22 I made. I can also bring my buffalo 2 dac and laptop. I just wonder if there'll be enough space for it all. I am also making the beta 24 at the moment. If that is done, I may be able to bring that in lieu of the beta 22.  Thanks for organizing the meet FallenAngel. Another thanks to BMWWW for the idea. 

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Will be there, minimal gear, but here to learn.

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Hoping to be there depending on the time. I don't have much, MTPC is the best I have so I'll bring those. Mostly there to listen to some great headphones and see some awesome rigs in the flesh!

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