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PC gamer only, from Europe.

Steam: Ra97oR

Wanna know what I play? I mainly play mods and lesser known games, but do play some World of Tanks and Team Fortress 2.
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Steam: Charliyu

Battle.net (Starcraft II): ZardiChar.598 (Don't ask)


I play CS:S, TF2, AVA, and SC2

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May as well toss mine in here too. These shouldn't be suprising.


XBL: Axel Cloris

PSN: AxelCloris

Steam: AxelCloris

Origin: AxelCloris


Right now I'm mainly playing SWTOR and replaying Mass Effect 2 before launching into 3. But I have a large steam library of games waiting to be played again.

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I play more ps3 games as of lately


PSN: DeltaOneEight

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Going to try and get around to sending each of you requests today.  DISCLAIMER. I am online a lot, but in OFFLINE mode quite a bit.  If we all ever decide to have a throwdown evening or something I will go online, but for the most part I am playing online in offline mode.  Just putting that out there incase you add me and I'm always offline.  You can always send me a PM here if you're up for gaming or something one evening.

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100th Steam Group Member! Woo!


Steam: TheCheshire (ALWAYS online)

Xbox: ArcaneLust (rarely ever play)

PS3: ArcaneLust (rarely ever play)



Origin: TheCheshire (LOL)

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I've sent those of you on XBL a friend's request.  It'll be from Rabinzero.  I have a PS3 but don't do any mp'ing on that system. 

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Xfire : Shroker

XBL: Shr0ker

Steam: ajeng88@fontalis.com (I should not this is not an email nor does it function anymore). This was back in the days when they used emails as users.


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This should really be a sticky.


Originally Posted by jgray91 View Post

Interesting. I'll bite. Steam ID: fEast91 (don't ask).


I play LoL in occasions, but mostly hang put in Nordic East server more because more convenient there. Very low level though. :P My NA account is higher, but don't play there as much; the lag gets really bad for me.


EDIT: Odd. I tried searching some of you guys' Steam ID. All I can get is NamelessFragger. confused.gif

 I think it's generally better to post the url to your profile, like so?: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sarsamis


Other stuff:


360/PSN - sarsamis.  I don't really find myself using either too often, though.

SC2 - sarsamis.591 or kunlanssmile at yahoo dot com if that doesn't work.  I'm a very low level Zerg who mostly plays bad custom maps, but have been meaning to play the real game more.


I have Diablo 3, but can't say I have much desire to play it any time soon.  My tag there is Maganzo#1882, though, if anyone would like to add it.

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Just FYI, I made a secondary account for PSN...

PSN #2: Mad_Lust_Envy

I doubt it will get a lot of use, but it's there just in case.
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Steam ID: OJNeg


I play a bit of everything. Civ, Company of Heroes, Total War series, BF3, Arma II, Red Orchestra II, Tribes: Ascend

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Nameless, my friend code:

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Steam: gbdeleon (public), PM for private ID (yes, I have 2 Steam accounts, don't ask).

PSN: Riku540



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Thread Starter 
Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post
Nameless, my friend code:


Edited into the main post.


You don't seem to have added me yet, though. For your convenience:


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Lol, I haven't touched my 3DS since Sunday. I'll add you now. I been busy playing Mass Effect 3 and catching up on anime.

Problem is, I'll mostly be playing the 3DS while I'm at work overnight, and there's no internet connection. Gonna be very rare to see me online at least until the end of this month, as I don't even know if I'll have a stable job after that.
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