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I've played through the 'insanity' difficulty level in ME2 as an infiltrator. One of my friends, a vanguard class, had a harder time of it since the class relies on suicidal charges toward the enemy anyway.


And some powers most certainly aren't "useless" in harder difficulties. In fact, as an infiltrator, the cloaking power is what bolsters you killing capacity and prevents enemies from targeting you (at the expense of health and shield regeneration). I rarely subscribe to that Game-FAQs mentality of "this is the most effective / best way to play, so you need to play this way." Especially with games like Mass Effect. It bores me.

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Like I said, I don't play Infiltrator. I'm sure it's cloaking tactic is useful, but what else in terms of powers? Ammo, Barrier/Shields, and Slowdown. None of the FLASHY powers (Push, Pull, Slam, Singularity, Shockwave, etc) work unless the enemies are down to health. So again, all the fun powers are useless in hard difficulties.

Warp, Reave, Inferno, are powers that work about as well as just plainly shooting an enemy with a proper ammo power. Also, their effects (like enemy panicking with Fire/freezing, only works again, when down to health (or in the case of small mechs, Disrupt works when they are down to armor)...

Had most powers worked when enemies had special defenses up, the game would have been that much more fun when using powers, enough to warrant using them.

Kukuk, seen it rarely. Still better than the random Shepard looking down and to the sides when running on the Normandy in ME2 (which happened almost always for me), lol.
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You have to use your powers/squadmate powers to create biotic explosions. This can be a great way of dealing with lots of enemies when they're packed together.

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And I do. But again, I'm referring to the powers that actually knock enemies off their feet. None work unless they are down to health. I wasn't referring to damage, but actual effects.

If a mob of enemies have special defenses up, doing an AoE attacklike Incinerate/Cryo Blast, you'll just get a very little amount of damage on the group. No useful until they are down to health, which again, is when they'll die in a hurry with anything thrown at them at that point.

Note: I'm referring to playing the Story, not multi.


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Hey MuppetFace, you beat this yet? tongue.gif

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I seriously want the N7 hoodie, but its $76! frown.gif
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I got one of the old ones when ME2 came out for $50. Shame the ones cost that much more

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Finally had the time to sit down and finish the game... and crap, now I see why so many people were upset.  MAJOR letdown with the ending and choices.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I had about a 2700 effective score at the end and chose to destroy the Reapers and synthetics... all options were weak and IMHO, it was a horrible way to end the trilogy.  

Anyone else excited to see what this new ending DLC will be?  Any guesses?

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It's not a new ending, they've already confirmed that. It's an extended cut so to speak. Giving you a little more story after, but the ending of the series still comes down to a 1/3 choice. Which is kind of a bummer. You can play the game fully and get, for the most part, the exact same endings as someone who just powered through it in a couple hours.

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Hopefully they show you what the outcome is of the choices you made regarding the different species. Kinda stupid that they just didn't show the outcome for any of the choices you made, choices that are supposed to have huge consequences.


Also, regarding a secret ending sequence:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

If you have 4000-5000 effective military strength (depends on if The Illusive Man shoots Anderson) you get a brief extra ending video, but only if you choose to destroy the reapers. I won't spoil what it is!

Incentive to play again, I guess!


Also, if you don't feel like playing multiplayer to get the needed effective military strength, you can edit some file (or download one)  that will give you more military strength whenever you finish a quest. Kind of cheating, but if you can't be bother with playing multiplayer, it's the only way you can get the secret ending!

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Yeah the multiplayer is extremely boring to me.  How and what is the file modification you mention?  Do please tell!!! biggrin.gif

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It's called a Coalesced.bin mod. I think if you do a Google search you can find more info. Using this, you can even unlock pre-order bonus weapons and stuff. Not sure if that's legal or not, so I won't link you to any downloads, but I'm sure a Google search will tell you all you need to know. biggrin.gif

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Yeah you need a coalesced.bin editor to edit the military strength of one of your war assets to like 10,000 or something, lol. But Origin might get angry. (you have been warned)



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Dayum. I wish my femshep looked like that.

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Welp. I did it again. Gave it another playthrough, this time as a Sentinel. It's kind of fun playing with powers, and it's especially cool that the Sentinel does guns well on top of them. I ended up re-spec'ing my character a few times just to try thing differently. Playing through normal on a clean save is also much different from playing on a new game + save. I actually died a few times!


Now hopefully I can successfully shelf the game for a while...

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^I'm waiting for the EC to come out before I replay it, and I'm even tempted to replay the entire series in anticipation of the EC. With my luck the EC will be a very minimal change, but oh well.

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