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$200 for a cable sleeve work?

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Wow. I'm surprise that James from SAA charges USD200 (or more) for a replacement of e-series cable sleeves. Because "it's very labor intensive job" No thanks, I'll pass.


What do you guys think?

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Replacing the sleeve on a cable sounds like a bit of work, but 200!?  his time must be very precious to him.  I'd do a re-sleeving job for 20 dollars plus materials and shipping.

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hmmm.. that tells a little bit about the price of his cable, too..

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Probably precious time that could be better use at making cable that goes for few hundred/thousand dollars. I'm disappointed with SAA. Not going to deal with James anymore... there are many outstanding cable makers right now worth dealing with.

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Thats way too expensive imho.

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