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(Silent One gets up...walks over to the window on an early Wednesday morning...opens it to announce the status of his OTL amp) "Hey everybody! I've been inside cooking the last few days. Will return shortly...


Briefly, I finally turned 500 hours on the amp (513 @ this writing); 71 hours since the mod.


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I should have my amp next week! I'll be sure to post some pictures. Can't wait to join the family. dt880smile.png

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A well deserved cheer to both the sender and the recipient!


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Hello I will will start making your amp with LP2 , P250 or 6SN7 input tubes next week. The output section will be the same

6AS7 circuit and 3DG4 power supply that these guys have.

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Thanks so much Glenn, I appreciate your kind help patience, wisdom and honesty, I am left speechless. 


Will i get the 5998 mod?


Despite my age I fell as excited as a young kid with the best toy money can buy!

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Yes the amp will have a 5998 switch on the back to switch between 6AS7 & 5998. The Russian 6AS7s can be run

with the switch in the 5998 position. They can take the higher current and they sound pretty good run with the amp

in 5998 mode and are cheep.

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I recently got some Russian tubes but I would also like to try my GEC and Osram 6AS7G.

The Russians are excellent value for money, highly recommended.

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The GEC and Osram I would make sure that the switch is on the 6AS7 setting not to go over current with

expensive tubes.

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Thanks Glenn, I will make sure.

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The amp has landed! In fact it came Thursday, but I had some schedule changes to work around so I am giving it a first listen now.


In session with Diana Krall - The Look of Love, using TS5998s, 5U8C rectifier and a Ken Rad VT-99 (Thanks Glenn!!) tube compliment. Silky smooth and very polite with the T1s. I will try out the W3000ANV later tonight.


When I pulled the amp out the box, I was really surprised at the heft. This amp is no joke! Can't wait to get some rolling done.



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No photo?


You are so bad..............


Congratulations getting this work of art, enjoy it & happy listening!

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I promise a photo when I get back to the house. I am about to head out, but I can assure you, it's a thing of beauty!

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You are very bad that's all I can say.


Can't wait!

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