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Yes, my Glenn Amp OTL is also a preamp. :)

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Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

This would be a great PM.....

As would roughly 80% of the posts in this thread. <shrug>

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:rolleyes: He didn't even offer to bake.....

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"Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!"

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Happy Thanksgiving from Greece

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Happy Thanksgivukkah

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Happy Thursday!

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Happy Turkey day.
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Originally Posted by 2359glenn View Post


This is my latest build It is for somebody in Morocco

It uses six 6BL7s for outputs or two or four 6AS7s or two 6336.

It won't be finished until I get back from visiting Stavros.


<br />


The amplifier looks fantastic! I am very thankful to Glenn for accepting to build me such an amplifier. 


Also, many thanks to Stavros who has been pointing me to some very interesting 6SN7 tubes while waiting for the amp to be finished. So far, I have ordered a Sylvania 6SNGT VT231 and a Sylvania 6SN7W. I wonder how bad the tube addiction will be when I actually get the amp smily_headphones1.gif



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Originally Posted by 2359glenn View Post

Happy Thanksgiving from Greece

Happy thanksgiving to you, Stavros and all the tube addicts !

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Happy Thanksgiving Stavros and Glenn.  Hope Glenn cooked you an American Thaksgiving dinner

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happy thanksgiving!

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Happy thanksgiving little girl. Hpw was you day DG? Did you have dinner yet? I am on break the family in the other room with my wife reading the Polar Express to my niece and daughters and inlaws.

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its been a pretty relaxfull day so far, just getting over a cold. i just finished eating dinner with my family


no black friday shopping for me this year :(

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