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Originally Posted by Clayton SF View Post

Were you in them pods that turn into beds. I hear they're soon to be equipped with OTL Glenn Amps. ;)

I need to fly more often!

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Originally Posted by dminches View Post

My KR-300B Balloons are on their way to me.

I have been tempted.  I look forward to your impressions.

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Re: Lundahl trannies


thumbsup.gif To higher standards!

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just got my 2nd WE 422A to keep as a spare!!


it looks different. 


this one has little o getters and the other one i have doesn't. this one also has the same domino plates as ts 5998, the other one has the same domino plates, but they are lighter grey.


also the construction seems similar but slightly different. 


i wonder if they sound any different...this one is from the late 70s i think. the other one is from early 50s....



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That new one with the little rounds looks just like the getters on my 421A. The grey looks very interesting.
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Originally Posted by Dubstep Girl View Post

1. is a regular alps pot available?


For whatever it's worth (not much these days), I recommend sticking with the stepped pot as it has a SQ advantage over an Alps.  I have had both in my OTL, an RK27 Alps and a Valab23 stepped unit and I felt I took a bit of a hit in transparency when I went to the Alps.  The Valabs don't seem to be the most reliable stepped units (failure was the reason for the change to Alps in my amp), but you can find stepped pots for a reasonable price in other brands too.

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I'm well on my way to having a wonderful holiday weekend. A few hours ago, I visited the home of Kevin from Upscale Audio. He provided me with a really good tour, chat and refreshment. I came away impressed with what he has done, currently doing and trying to accomplish in audio.


Tubes and the amps that love them were simply everywhere. I wonder what would Orson Welles would have thought upon entering the home.:normal_smile : He had a wide variety of glass (NOS & current), some were even in separate rooms being treated... rack 'em! He also sends tubes out to get Cryo'd. I really appreciate Kevin going the extra mile for the customer.


Driving out to meet him was his idea. I merely called asking for store hours so I could stop by and purchase a RCM (Okki Nokki). He replied he's closing in a few minutes for the weekend. But if I brought cash, he'd take it home and meet me there.




We were on the freeway in under 3 minutes! :evil: 

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That is why he is so highly regarded for so long. Hat's off to Kevin and his great customer service!

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I been spending the last few hours gettin' squeeky! 

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Wow, will be looking forward to pics of those!!!!


Here is my pair Rob:



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Originally Posted by dminches View Post

It will. It was being anodized this week.


What exactly are you getting David?

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Lieven, I ordered a chassis from Landfall System for the 300B amp.  Xcalibur255 recommended them.  

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Looking forward to seeing pictures of it. Did you choose the 5U4G + C3G  + 300b + Lundahls or is there something special there as well?

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Glenn decided on 2 C3Gs, 2 300Bs and 2 PV-500/42EC4s.

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Originally Posted by dminches View Post

Glenn decided on 2 C3Gs, 2 300Bs and 2 PV-500/42EC4s.

That is going to be a sweet amp! Can't wait to see it.

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