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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post
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What's an example of amps that use the glass?


My Tektron uses them that's why I collect them.


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It is a Sylvania. 


I thought you'd have a go at me for been naughty............again

That would be like going after a fish for swimming....:evil:

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That's funny Eric, I like it!


BTW fish or mermaid?

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

That's funny Eric, I like it!


BTW fish or mermaid?

I had no idea you wanted to be a mermaid....The things you learn about people!  :D

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

To be honest I can't understand the 596 hype.
They have the same plates as the 5U4GB and probably sound very close to them.

I do have a pair but never bothered with them.

Tyrell nice to know you are enjoying your Sylvania 45's now.
Which rectifier are you using?

Still the same pair. They weren't whining last night. I won't pull them until they get on my nerves again.

The tung Sol 45s go in tonight.
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Glenn what do you use in your personal 300B amps for rectification? 6AX4?
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Damper diodes 4 of them per amp
12AX4 / 12D4 really the same tube. Your amp still has 4 diodes but each 6BY5 has 2 diodes in it.
I could have used 6AX4 because my transformers have 12.6 center tap winding so I can use 6 volt or 12 volt.
I used the !2AX4 because it was the same tube but I can get them for $1.00 ea
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Damn.  One of the Tung Sols has blue swirls showing on the top of the glass.  This means the tube is gassy and is unsafe right?


So out of 4 pairs of 45s only one is good and one is sort of good (one of the RCAs is weak) with the other two being bad.  This only increases my temptation to pull the trigger on the EMLs next year.

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So according to Jac van der Walle's article here what I'm seeing is not gas but fluorescence and the tube should be fine and safe.  The blue glow is not coming from inside the anode plate/filament area but instead looks almost like faint blue stains on the glass bulb itself.


Glenn in your opinion is the tube okay to use?  If the tube were in fact gassy what is the risk of using it?



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That blue glow is pretty common with 596.

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I even have the very light blue glow on some of the Russia 6AS7 tubes. Nothing to be concern about.

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Maybe I'll fire it back up again.  It's hard to tell what's what with these old tubes.


It's very pretty, just slight traces of dark blues swirls on the glass.  They are stationary for the record, not moving.  Only one tube is doing it.  The other one has a filament wire that appears to not be taut but it sounded normal when I ear tested before shutting it off.



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So I turned the amp back on. 


I really wish I knew how to take low light shots with a camera.  This is the coolest thing I've seen since the first time I ever saw a tube light up.  The blue is definitely on the inside of the glass itself, it's not coming from the filament or the plate.  Now that I've looked more closely it actually swirls and snakes around on the glass a bit.  It's also twice as bright as it was last time, the blue is almost as prominent as the filament glow with the lights in the room off.


They seem to sound normal.  Cool stuff.

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Eye and Ear candy! k00l!

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Best I can manage.
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Here's a picture of my PrimaLuna with a quad of 6550C Russian tubes and all of them have blue swirls. They seem to be okay since they've been like that for the past 3 years.


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