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Vacuum Tube Amps-


Whenever I see tubes and transformers stacked, I instantly think "Pick a skyline" from different cities...

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I like your parallel SO, I think the same too.


Is that normal or a sign of something or other?


Sign of Insanity, am I that far gone?

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Tyrell bought them he likes the more modern look of those meters.


The transformers should look good for what they cost. These are maybe the best transformers you can buy.


I am thinking of using Lundahl power transformers when ever I use output transformers.


They have almost no magnetic field around them even less then the R core transformer


 I used in your amp.

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I happened upon this audio store while in Amsterdam.

I went in last year; I didn't go in this time.


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This is my favourite high end shop




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I knew that was coming Stavros. Btw, he was all out of Bendix. too bad

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Very unfortunate, better luck next time.


My count stops at 25.

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Those transformers look fantastic.  And the internals...and that shop, Stavros!

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I thought we were talking Benix Red Bank 6080WB......





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It really looks like a candy store..For real....Now I am hungry again.....

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I thought it was a glimpse of what heaven is ...........

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:dt880smile: Anytime temptation is running high, and there's no one seemingly around... be suspicious.

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I've been listening to my Glenn Stereo Integrated 300b Amp today with my HE-500 and the new Cypherlabs DAC and I have to admit it is my best amp.

Biggest sound stage, most detail and by far the best dynamics.


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Do you get 8 watts on the phone jack or did Glenn put a resistor on it to throttle it back a bit?
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