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Crap.  I bought a pair of Tung Sol 6336s,  And they look so nice....

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Can you post a picture of them ?

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Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, R1.1.1.M2b

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Those are the good ones they are not made by TS

They are made by GE or someone else and Tung Sol re branded them

Use them these are good tubes

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Excellent.  I will test them tonight.

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Let us know how they sound

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Originally Posted by Clayton SF View Post

Where am I?



The UltraAmpRoom?

San Francisco?


Stavros! Here's to you and your gift of wine and laughter. We thank you!




Yesterday's view from window seat 41A on an AirFrance Boeing 777. Total travel time = 24 hours and 30 minutes. Started in Brussels > Paris > San Francisco!

AppleMark AppleMark


That was a long flight.


I can see two thin, fit young lads enjoying Λημναια Γη.

It goes well with fish and sea food, and is not a known wine but our favourite.

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Tics and lime disease are nasty business. Lots of them in my neck of the woods. Hope L is feeling better soon.
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Very nice amps Eric and the price is not too bad.


8X6SN7 and 28X6AS7G, imagine fitting 8X33S30 and 28XWE421A or 28XBendix 6080W or 28XGEC 6AS7G.


That would be $10,500 just for tubes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

Hey Stavros, got some amps for sale at Audiogon...



How large would be my AC needs to be to keep this cool during the hot summer months!evil_smiley.gif

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Come on John, we are talking about hot summer nights no AC allowed!!!!!!!!

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I can imagine that guy got tired of looking for 28 new matched NOS tubes and decided to sell rolleyes.gif

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It would do the job for me during the cold Wisconsin winters.  Holy cow the cost of those tubes though!

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