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Originally Posted by john57 View Post

I have the T70 one of the best closed headphones and one my most conformable as well.


How do T70/T90 compare to T1? 



Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

She did. She thought it was funny all of the guys having to wear a towel like a skirt to cover our legs when we went into the cave. We all had shorts on because it was summer. 


When people visit holy places the people who look after them always ask women and men with shorts to put on something long to cover their legs out of respect for the place. It's a tradition/custom they practice in many places.

They usually have some clothing handy for the visitors to wear.



Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

No cat in the tent. They poke holes in my air mattress!


Eric, I am not allowed to use a tent, I must suffer for my quest for knowledge (that's against human rights isn't it???).

Actually the cat hates me, she does all this climbing on purpose to please her, not me.


Glenn, last night your friend Pablo did a Danza Kuduro on me at 4 am!!!!!!!!


I am begging for forgiveness but my gf won't give in yet, another two night to go.

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

How do T70/T90 compare to T1? 

I own both(T70/T1), but the T70 lives at work, so I don't really compare them directly :/


I disagree with a lot of the popular opinion on here that the T70 is particularly bass light.  They are very picky with the seal though.  If they don't seal they do sound anemic (and not just compared to the T1).  I have better results with the beyer gel pads (which are bit too hot) and the hifiman pleathers than with the stock velour pads (which seal terribly, imo).


With a good seal I think they have a similar signature to the T1.  They lack the soundstaging of an open headphone, and the bass doesn't sound  as well textured as getting that level (or slightly higher) level of bass out of the open T1.   Had the gel pads on them at a meet here last year and surprised a few people with how similar sounding they were to the T1 for under half the price ^_^

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Thanks for the feedback.

So T70 with the Beyer Gel pads would be an excellent combination.


It would be like fitting K701's with the K702 Anniversary pads.

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post


How do T70/T90 compare to T1? 



I brought the T70 before the T90 came out.

The T70 is a closed headphone and the T90 and the T1 are open headphones

The T70 is very good for vocals, the T1 is more refined and more neutral that the T70.

The T70 has very clear deep bass but more subtle in showing it just like a concert hall. The T90 I read has more bass energy.

I wanted a conformable closed headphone and the T70 fit the bill while checking it at the RMAF. At the T1 price I would consider the HE-6 very

carefully provided you have an amp that can drive them.

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Thanks John.

To me all three Beyerdynamic headphones seem as very good candidates.


Even though I have powerful tube and SS dedicated  headphone  amps I hate power hungry headphones, I feel very strongly about this so no HE-6 in my list.

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

Thanks for the feedback.

So T70 with the Beyer Gel pads would be an excellent combination.


It would be like fitting K701's with the K702 Anniversary pads.

Sound was great with them.  I personally didn't find them terribly comfortable for wearing for any decent length of time.  YMMV.

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Are you referring to the K701 with the Anniversary pads?

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No, the beyer gel pads...

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I see, thanks.


I would say the sound signature depends a lot on the whole system and individual component synergy.


K701 exhibit different  qualities on different systems. 

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I bought T1 when they just came out with intro priced at $995 from TTVJ. I sold my T1 after 4 month of ownership. I feel T1 is hard to drive to their best, while tonally fine but lack dynamic and impact. I just never feel I am attached to them when I am listening. I rather to have recabled (copper) HD800 over T1 anytime.

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I have the T70 and the T90 and I only like the T70 for classical but I do not really "dig" the sound. The T90 is closer to the T1 imo and it is an incredible headphone, better overall (or just better to me). Sound between T70 and T90 is very different (+closed vs open), T70 doesn't have the same number of fans as the T90, probably due to the closed construction + the bass.


I've often considered selling the T70 but nobody is touching my T90 (well Clayton can touch it rolleyes.gif)


Picking up our amp collector tomorrow morning, 24 hours from now.

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The T70 is really unpopular on here, and it's reflected in the price it goes for in the classifieds... fortunately i enjoy mine enough that for an environment where I require a closed headphone I don't feel the need to go searching for something better...

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Must plan for my return to the US after Belgium. I've cleaned out my suitcase. It is empty. I have no more clothing to take up valuable space. I wonder how many of Ultra-'s headphones plus the T90 will fit in my suitcase now. biggrin.gif
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Hello Clayton, less than 24hrs left before you meet Ultra.

The beer is cool and the oven is hot.


I like your plan, very clever indeed.

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I've been thinking of lending him my 339 for a year, but it's my fav amp! redface.gif

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