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The almighty 596 and the new Toxic cable.

Have a great time, the reviews can wait, I am only teasing you! 

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Last one out today....


I am not going to do a full review, but I am really loving the 596 and the Toxic Cables Silver Widows. Best sound I have had so far on the system. I am getting to the point where I need to attend a nice meet and listen to some of the big reputation gear to see if I can discern the differences. I suspect I am approaching the famous law of diminishing returns for my ears. 

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I am sure you have reached the golden point, but I bet you won't stop.

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Originally Posted by rosgr63 View Post

I am sure you have reached the golden point, but I bet you won't stop.




Not a chance!

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rosgr63 have you tried the 5U8C yet

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Not yet I was testing some 6SN7/6AS7 so never got round it, but I will over the weekend.

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Fontella Bass - R.I.P.


The Soul singer passed away and I can't wait to fire up the rig tonight in her memory. I absolutely love her song "Rescue Me"....what a voice!

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I'll have to check out Youtube for her....

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My '5998' OTL amp got a new playmate last night - Music Hall mmf-7.



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Lucille!  biggrin.gif

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That's a very nice looking TT, SO!
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Thanks. wink.gif Although, I don't smoke...can't stand smoke...ain't never tried smokin'........I love the way B.B. is bumpin' the cigarette in that pix...holding Lucille! Also, that white spec in the lower right of the photograph isn't lint, rather a reflection from the underside of the cart. biggrin.gif

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Very nice SO, waiting for your feedback.

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SO what are you using for a phono preamp?

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Originally Posted by 2359glenn View Post

SO what are you using for a phono preamp?


My 1980 Pioneer SX-D7000. First receiver to offer both MC & MM Phono Stages. A few months ago you were going to post a pix of your own tube phono preamp or preamp, I believe. I think you mentioned it was DHT also...



...and you just know I know someone who might be interested in such a thing.rolleyes.gif

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