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Congrats.. !! looks beautiful.  I'm in line for one too :).

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Lovely as always.  The new transfo covers look good with those ammeters, it gives a nice retro vibe.

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I bet that sounds lovely!

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Saw this on AudiogoN.


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Damn, 170w set! Haha
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Looks dangerous what voltage is that cooling plate cap at? 

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Originally Posted by 2359glenn View Post

Looks dangerous what voltage is that cooling plate cap at? 

Design Features

- Single Ended pure class A mono block power amplifier
- only one voltage gain stage
- power military grade type direct heated triode-GM100 (N.O.S.) - most powerfull triode globally ever produced for audio
- DC coupled circuit (only output transformer on signal path)
- CE comfortable regarding maximum DC operating voltage 
- 170 W of pure class A @4ohms or @8ohms
- zero global feedback configuration
- high capacitance in power supply resulting to over 500joules of  energy storage
- custom designed silent power transformer of 2000W encapsulated-low density
- custom designed output transformer of 1000W encapsulated- last generation
- full double zero feedback stabilisation of high voltage for driver tubes
- 6N1P-EV military grade long life tube for driver purposes (N.O.S.)
- bias with fully automatic-adjust (no any adjustment)
- variable bias (two mode with 60W & 170W of output power-switch on front panel)
- fully stabilised DC power to supply filament of output tube
- balanced regulated DC power to supply filament for driver tubes
- soft start to increase reliability and to prolong life
- output  premium NEXTEGEN-WBT connectors
- all modulated chassis with laminate 20mm thick front panel

Technical SpecificationNameValueTypeSingle Ended Class "A"Power Output170 Watts @ 4 & 8 ohms; 1 kHzFrequency Response6 Hz to 80 kHz;Input impedance100 kohmsInput Sensitivity2.45 V RMS for full power outputGain27.50 dBRise Time5 microsecondsNoise105 dB below rated output "A" weightedPhase statusRegular ( 0 )Tube Complement1x 6N1P-EV, 1 x GM100 (all by military standard and N.O.S.)Power Requirement110 VAC or 220 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz, max. 750 VADimensions11.8" (300 mm) wide ´ 30.3" (770 mm) deep ´ 14.2" (360 mm) highNET Weightapprox. 133 lbs (60 kg) unpacked / per pieceTOTAL Weightapprox. 332 lbs ( 150 kg) packed / total
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