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I baked you a cake but ate it all this morning so we'll have find something to do later this weekend. Just to be bad boys in a good way (no way!).


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Ha ha...Clayton...that is awesome!

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As some of you might remember, upon receipt of my C3g/SN7 Glenn OTL, I was very disappointed that none of my 5998s were quiet enough to run in the enhanced 5998 mode. As it now turns out, this may not have been be entirely true.


Recently, I have been running my quietest pair of 5998s in the 6AS7 mode, drive by Lorenz C3gs, and this has been very acceptable in terms of noise and SQ. But in yesterday's mail, I received a Philips E182CC, and so of course, I wanted to make sure it was OK. Plus the other day, I dropped a Telefunken 6463 on the floor and wanted to make sure it hadn't been damaged. After popping in the E182CC, I noticed that the 5998s sounded much quieter than before. And on a whim, I switched to the enhanced 5998 mode, and they were still very decently quiet! Putting in the 6463, they were still quiet! And then, going back to the C3gs, not so quiet, the hum increased noticeably... 


So it now appears that the C3g cause the 5998s to be a bit noisier. And this is likely true with all my output tubes, but I have yet to test this thoroughly. However, a little while ago, Glenn posted that from now on, all his OTL's would have the better transformer, so my OTL, with the original transformer and C3g, may be the only one of its kind, and this information may not be all that useful to others, but still, I thought I should share it.


PS: The E182CC and 6463 sound terrific driving the 5998s in enhanced mode. :)

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I dont know the Mu for the both e182cc and c3g but it could play a role in the hum noise.  Could it be the Mu of the c3g is that much higher?  Does this happen when using very efficient phones like Audio Techinicas or Denons?  Does the hum happens with planar phones too?

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